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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a discipline aimed at increasing the volume and quality of a website’s traffic through organic or unsponsored search engine results on internet search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO important to my business?

SEO is important to businesses for a variety of reasons:

  • Internet search has become the primary method through which most consumers discover, access, and compare information, including information about products / services they need, and the business they transact with.
  • Six out of ten consumers search for information online before buying anything.
  • 83% of businesses acknowledge that SEO enabled them to access new customers – meaning, businesses that do not prioritise SEO will be outperformed by their competitors.
  • The majority of all online traffic is driven by search engines: organic search has about 20 times the traffic potential of paid digital marketing.
  • Organic search results build greater trust and credibility with consumers than ads.
  • Effective SEO improves the buying cycle by giving consumers the right information while they conduct their pre-purchase research online.
  • SEO can be extremely cost-effective compared to most other forms of digital marketing.
  • SEO results are generally more enduring than paid marketing and advertising results – high ranks in organic search can last months or even years, unlike paid ads which disappear as soon as a campaign ends.
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