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With Google Nexus, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo Glo and a host of other electronic readers gaining widespread popularity, e-books are not fancies of the future but fixtures of today. Authors, publishers, and readers alike have embraced the convenience and ease that e-books offer them.

Lime Virtual Studio offers writers its e-book writing and design services to help them keep up with the changing demands of the marketplace. We allow you to focus all your creative energy on your manuscript, leaving us to handle the editing and proof reading, as well as the graphic design. We can even help you market your e-book – giving you the boost every book needs to receive acclaim.

An Internet Marketing Tool

Lime Virtual Studio’s e-book services are also ideal for businesses who are considering using a loss leader strategy. Free e-books are an inexpensive way to entice and gain customers, especially if you’ve just entered the market.

Distributed as a downloadable PDF in exchange for a prospective customer's contact details, an e-book also acts as a brochure that represents your professionalism. By creating well-researched, well-written, and well-designed material, your e-book will reflect your competence and the quality of your products.

You can engage our e-book writing and design services by filling out our project request form.