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The market for eBooks has been growing for over a decade, and will exceed $20 billion this year. Whether you’re an author looking to publish and profit from your own eBook, or a business owner looking for a powerful marketing tool to boost conversions, sales, and your brand image, our eBook services have you covered: meticulous research, compelling design, eye-catching cover art, and a whole lot more.

eBooks for Authors / Artists / Thought-Leaders

What are the advantages of eBooks compared to printed books?

While eBooks offer a host of benefits compared to printed books, it’s important to note that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Creating an eBook covers most of the work involved for a printed book too; should you decide to bring out a printed book, having it ready in eBook format means you’re nearly 80% of the way there. (Interested in printed books? Use our print calculator for an instant price.)

That said, here are some advantages of eBooks over printed books:

  • Cost: eBooks cost significantly less to produce than printed books, where print runs can be quite expensive, especially in low volumes.
  • Ease of distribution: Printed books can be complicated and time-consuming to get on store shelves, while eBooks can be delivered to readers conveniently via platforms like Amazon, Google Play Books, iBooks (Apple), Kobo, and so on.
  • Ease of updates: eBooks allow for faster, inexpensive updates, so making revisions or releasing updated editions is far simpler than with printed books, not to mention, without the wastage of unsold copies that are already printed.
  • Reach: (a.k.a the power of low- or zero-pricing) The marginal cost of production of eBooks is zero, which means that whether you sell one copy or ten million copies, it costs you exactly the same, unlike with printed books. Consequently, it is possible to price eBooks very low (or even make them free), to reach far more readers.

Why should I choose Lime to prepare an eBook as an author / artist?

Working with Lime unlocks several advantages for eBook authors:

Professional ghostwriting services

Whether you have just an idea or an unfinished draft, and find yourself stuck because of a lack of time or a creative block, Lime’s expert ghostwriters can help. From doing the research to expressing ideas in words in a style that sounds exactly like you, our writers can help you complete your eBook, regardless of whether it’s a fiction non-fiction genre.

Striking graphics and visuals

Readers have come to expect eBooks to be user-friendly, packed with images, charts, and infographics. Our experienced team of graphic designers can boost your eBook with compelling visuals that can convey ideas in a way that words just can’t match.

Effective cover design

The truth is, readers do judge books by their covers. This is especially true of eBook covers, which need to win attention as thumbnails on platforms like Amazon. Lime’s cover designers know what works, what doesn’t, and how to design for success.

Expert design and formatting

There’s a lot more to a well-made eBook than the actual content. From font choice to layout, formatting, and image colour correction, our experienced eBook designers will ensure that your finished title looks professional. We also deliver your eBook in a variety of formats, including EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), PDF, and others, so that it’s ready for distribution on any marketplace you choose.

Done-for-you ISBNs

If you’re interested in distributing your eBook across multiple platforms, want to release it under your own imprint, or want to keep the option of bringing out printed or audio editions of your eBook in future, it makes sense to get an ISBN. Lime can help register one for you from the right source for your target market.

eBooks for Businesses

How will an eBook help my business?

eBooks are effective tools for businesses to build their brand image with existing and potential customers. In content marketing campaigns, eBooks are highly effective assets that help businesses gain leads in exchange for valuable information provided to customers. Here are a few of the benefits of creating a high-quality eBook:

Build credibility as a subject expert: Authoring an eBook as a business, entrepreneur, or business leader offers hard proof of the expertise that you or your organisation wields in your industry, positioning you as an authority in your field.

Increase conversions: Many businesses give away highly valuable eBooks for free on their website’s marketing funnels, as an incentive for their audience to provide their email addresses, thereby earning crucial leads for future marketing efforts. eBooks are the most popular type of lead magnets, which can increase conversion rates on websites by as much as 300%

Gain new audience: With effective SEO and content marketing, new people within your set of target consumers will chance upon your content, providing you access to entirely new audiences.

Build brand loyalty: Nothing earns goodwill and creates advocates for your brand as much as genuinely helping your audience. In many cases, eBooks do this particularly well by providing useful insights, know-how and wisdom that solve readers’ problems.

Lets you soft sell: Nobody likes to feel like they were sold; even when we buy something, we are only happy about the purchase if we feel like it was a choice we made ourselves, rather than something we reluctantly agreed to. An eBook is the perfect tool to soft sell your brand to your audience, by showcasing how good you are at your trade. (So, just remember: resist the temptation to hard sell your business in your eBook.)

Add a revenue stream: At times, eBooks also become so popular that businesses decide to monetize them on platforms like Amazon. Even as the same eBook continues to be given away for free on the business’s website (in exchange for readers’ email addresses, of course), it’s also sold on Amazon, earning some side-revenue for the business.

What if I don’t know what to write about?
How do I create an eBook for my business if I’m not a writer?

Writing a useful eBook, even if it’s only a few pages long, can be quite a time-intensive process. But as a business owner, time is probably precisely the resource you’re most short on. Fortunately, Lime’s team of professional ghostwriters can help with that.

Based on your requirements, our writers can either collaborate closely with you to transform your thoughts and ideas into a book, or apply their journalistic skills to write the entire book for you based only on your detailed initial brief (we can also help you develop the brief). With our expert writers on the job, your eBook is in safe hands, and you can be assured of a high-quality eBook that not just wins leads, it also helps you outshine your competitors.

Why should I hire Lime to prepare an eBook for my business?

The biggest competition-beating advantage that your business gets with Lime comes from something well beyond a world-class eBook, which always includes:

  • Research and writing by experienced journalistic writers well-versed in conveying information in a persuasive manner.
  • Content sized to the needs of your business and your audience: 4 pages to 400 pages — or anything beyond.
  • Images, illustrations, infographics, charts, and tables, wherever required, by professional designers.
  • Expert layout and typesetting.
  • Eye-catching cover design.
  • Formatting in PDF, EPUB, Kindle (MOBI), and a variety of other eBook formats.

In addition, we integrate your eBook for you into your business’s marketing funnels or content marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing experts will help you transform your eBook into an effective marketing tool to win leads, improve conversions, and boost your business’s brand image.

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