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From improving people’s ability to find a store or location by 62% and boosting walk-ins by 23%, to increasing sales by 10% for six out of ten businesses, effective signage is a crucial sales and marketing tool for any business with a physical presence. Lime’s signage design service delivers breakthrough signs that enhance your brand’s visibility, awareness, recognition, recall, and revenue.

What are the different types of signage?
Which signage type is best for my business?

Signs can broadly be classified into four different categories based on their purpose:

  • Identification / information (branding)
  • Persuasion (advertising / marketing / sales)
  • Wayfinding (directions, locations)
  • Safety (warning, hazards, instructional)

For each of these applications, there exists a multitude of choices in terms of design, technology, material use, and installation options. The table below offers a simplified overview of just a few of the most popular types of signage and their strengths.

Type Pros / Cons Best Suited For
A-frame signs + Inexpensive
+ Choice of sheet metal, vinyl, fabric, or blackboard options for message area- Low height, low visibility
– Unstable in windy conditions
Signage for slow-moving pedestrian traffic
Back-lit box signs + Most cost-effective self-illuminated signage option
– Low distinctiveness owing to ubiquitousness
Branding / information in relatively low-brightness environments
Back-lit stencil-cut signs + Most distinctive illuminated signage option

– Higher cost, more complex installation

Branding / information in relatively low-brightness environments
Banners + Versatile production options in terms of size, shape, and colours of printed skin
– Not the most durable option for long-term signs, and not the easiest to change for short-term signs
Advertising / marketing signs in prominently visible locations
Cut-letter signs + More distinctive and high-profile brand image
– Relatively expensive, and installation can be complex
Interior or exterior branding that doesn’t require too many characters
Externally-lit signs + Diverse lighting options including ground, front, top, and recessed lighting

– More prone to glare / lighting obstructions

Branding / information in very low-brightness environments
Neon signs + Distinctive “retro” appeal
– Expensive, fragile, low-energy efficiency
Mono-colour branding
Pylon signs + Very high visibility
– More expensive and tightly regulated
Exterior information or branding
Pull-up banners + Portable and inexpensive
– Can feel low-end if not carefully executed
Temporary branding or information
Wraparound / vehicle signage + Designs can be eye-catching, distinctive and creative

– Requires specialist design and installation expertise

Advertising / branding on vehicles

Why should I choose Lime to design my signage?

In a nutshell: high-quality and distinctive design. As with lamingtons and mortgage terms, signage also has good and bad examples, and unfortunately, poorly designed signage is more common than you’d think.

Here’s how Lime’s signage design gives your business an edge:

Holistic approach

Being a one-stop shop for all marketing communication needs – from storage signage to advertising, packaging, and websites – means we understand how everything should be stitched together. This means, even if you engage us for a single siloed project, we deliver work that’s harmonised with the rest of your brand, for that ‘1+1= 11’ effect.

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