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When it comes to cost-effective outdoor or ambient advertising, a well-designed poster is hard to beat. As a point of reference, the lease on a single 6 x 3 m billboard site in any major Australian city typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000 per month, whereas posters offering comparable exposure can cost a fraction of that. Lime’s experienced team delivers compelling poster design that helps businesses win attention and conversions.

Are street posters legal in Australia?
Is bill posting legal in Australia?

Displaying promotional material in public is regulated by local state / council laws. Permission from the property owner is required if installing on private buildings. Some cities have designated poster sites; others require permits. The ABLIS wizard helps find the relevant guidelines for a region.

In what locations can I put up advertising posters?

Businesses in Australia can choose from a variety of locations to put up advertising posters, including sites on streets (such as on building exteriors), indoors at theatres, malls, and cafes, bus shelters and bus interiors, and platforms at railway stations, among others.

When displaying posters in public spaces, be sure to check that your poster locations comply with relevant regulations and permit requirements, as not all poster sites are approved by property owners or councils.

What are the advantages of poster advertising?


Posters enjoy a relatively high level of attention from consumers, as unlike most other forms of advertising, consumers cannot ‘change the channel’, skip, click away, or tune out posters.

Affordable exposure

Poster sites in high-traffic locations offer a degree of exposure that can be difficult to match cost-effectively with other media.


Poster advertising allows businesses to define the locations at which to advertise, as narrowly or broadly as necessary. In addition to targeting based on geographic proximity, many poster sites such as at shopping centres or high-traffic streets, offer access to a wide spectrum of consumer demographics that is otherwise hard to reach.

Why should I choose Lime to design my posters?

There are two things vital to good poster design. First, it must capture the attention of your target audience. Second, it must communicate quickly and effectively, even from a distance, and even as people speed past. At Lime, we are specialists in visual communication and persuasion. When you work with us on poster design, you get:

  • Communication that stands out, thanks to our understanding of consumer behaviour and motivation, as well as our meticulous analysis of your industry and competitors
  • Eye-catching design, through our expert use of colour, contrast, typography, and graphics
  • Effective hierarchy of information, ensuring that the elements of your message are communicated in the right sequence and order of importance
  • Flawless execution to meet the challenges of poster design that works well in diverse environments, involving standard and non-standard sizes, bleeds, and ratios
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