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Illustration Services to Sway Hearts and Inspire Action

You’ve heard the saying: tell them, and they might forget; show them, and they’ll remember. Whether you’re communicating through a web page, a book, a product manual, an explainer video, or a presentation, a well-done illustration could be the secret ingredient that makes your message unforgettable, elevating your communication from good to great.

Lime’s team of experienced and talented illustrators offers a variety of illustration styles to help you achieve just that. From distilling complex data into lucid graphics, to making your message more memorable, our illustrations can drive increased engagement, recognition, and sales.


Line Art

Simplify the complexity of appearance of objects with minimal strokes. Well-suited for single-colour prints and diagrams.


Represent data, statistics, processes, or complex info with simplified, easy-to-understand visuals. Perfect whenever.

Technical Illustration

Focus attention on key parts of an object to explain form or functionality that may not be clear in photos. Ideal for user manuals.

Doodle Videos

Animated videos featuring line art or cartoon style illustrations. Ideal for marketing and explainer videos.


Depict people in exaggerated, humorous ways that makes them instantly recognisable. Great for ‘about us’ pages, and personalised gifts.


Add some humour or make a story more memorable with still images or animations. Well-suited for character illustrations and storytelling.

3D Art

Represent three-dimensional objects, both real and imagined, with anywhere from simple to photorealistic detail. Ideal when actual photography is unfeasible.

Map Illustration

Highlight important landmarks, routes and attractions in a unique, stylised way. Well-suited for guidebooks and maps of public spaces and institutions.

Why choose Lime for illustration?

With visual art, achieving the right look and feel is crucial to making your work distinctive, easy to understand, and memorable. However, choosing the best style of illustration for your needs – and communicating it in words – isn’t always obvious or easy.

At Lime, thanks to our 20+ years of experience with visual communication, we’ve developed a unique, proprietary workflow for illustration development. Our process helps you discover the right approach for your communication and uncovers potentially unforeseen or unstated needs. This not only leads to high-performing work, but it also lets us save you time and money.

How does the process work?

Every illustration project first begins with a discovery phase, where Lime’s illustrators will discuss your project’s goals and your stylistic preferences. Based on your brief, we then develop a few rough sketches for you to evaluate. These are not indicative of the finished artwork, but rather intended to highlight a few key aspects of the work.

For example, children’s book illustration may demand a certain colour palette and style of character art, while technical illustration may be focussed on view angles. These rough sketches may be accompanied by notes and/or other images as stylistic references. From this starting point, we consolidate your feedback and begin work on the full illustration.

Once the full illustration is complete, you can then request up to two rounds of revisions as needed, after which the final project files will be delivered to you in the relevant formats.

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