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How do you sell an ice maker to a Siberian? You hire a great copywriter. From driving consumers to switch to your brand, to building desire for your latest offering that folks never knew they needed, Lime’s copywriting services include the crafting of words that captivate, persuade and inspire.

What is copywriting and why does my business need it?

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

The primary purpose of copywriting is to persuade, whereas content writing is intended to inform and educate. Good copy makes the difference between communication that grabs your audience’s attention and sticks in their memory, versus messages that are ignored and forgotten.


Content writing Copywriting

●     Inform / educate

●     Build credibility and trust

●     Used in SEO / content marketing campaigns

●     Best suited to blogs, documentation, support pages

●     Persuade

●     Grab attention, build desire, inspire action

●     Used in brand appeal / conversion-focused communication

●     Best suited to ads, landing pages, product descriptions

Why should I choose Lime to craft my business’s copy?

Here are a few things you get when you have Lime writing for you:

  • Copywriters with years of advertising experience
  • Deep expertise in consumer psychology and persuasion
  • Pros who study your business and industry to help you beat your competitors
  • Compelling headlines that grab your readers’ attention
  • Crisp copy that cuts to the chase – no faff, no bored readers
  • Powerful calls to action that drive conversions
  • Tone-of-voice suited to your brand
  • Accessible pricing

And here are some things you won’t get:

  • Low-quality writers churning out generic, forgettable copy
  • Unskilled, overseas / outsourced writers who don’t understand Australian consumers and culture
  • Jargon-filled / over-the-top copy that makes your audience go, “Huh?”
  • Me-too writing that imitates your competitors

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