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Businesses invested an estimated $187 billion in video marketing in 2021, and nine out of ten businesses say that the return they saw on their investment in video was well worth it. From showcasing a single product, to promoting your entire brand, Lime’s video production and editing delivers video content that wins brand love and audience engagement for your business.

Why do I need video content for my business?

Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C industry, here’s how videos can benefit your business:

  • As people’s attention spans grow shorter, video is the best medium to inform and persuade your audience in the shortest possible time.
  • Seeing is believing, and it’s hard for any other medium to build the same level of credibility.
  • Over 85% of businesses in a recent study used some form of marketing videos, and all of them rated video as an extremely important part of their marketing.

Considering these factors, it’s not surprising that videos are being used for every conceivable application:

  • Promotional videos to market your product and brand.
  • Corporate videos to showcase your organisation, offices, infrastructure, culture, and team members.
  • Explainer videos to present complex ideas, products, or services, in a lucid, friendly format.
  • Website intro or homepage videos to grab your visitors’ attention and entice them to explore more of your site.
  • How-to / instructional videos providing detailed information to educate users or train employees.
  • Interview / testimonial videos used as sales or recruitment tools, helping build confidence with potential customers or team members.
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube also provide SEO benefits, as Google displays such videos high up in their search results pages, allowing people to discover your business via a link to your site from both Google and YouTube.
  • Videos on your webpage increase the amount of time that visitors spend the page, which signals higher relevance and user interest to Google, thereby improving search rankings.

Clearly, there are virtually no limits to the applications of video.

How can I create videos if I don’t like being on camera?

Almost all business owners and professionals are initially not comfortable speaking on camera. Fortunately, at Lime, we have various methods to ensure this is no longer a limitation preventing you from having great videos, including:

  • Using professional presenters and actors to address the camera.
  • Using other video formats such as 2D or 3D animation videos, doodle videos, slideshow videos, motion graphics, and so on.
  • Offering teleprompters that make it easy for anyone to look directly at the camera and read out a script, just as professional news anchors read from their teleprompters on live TV.

Why should I choose Lime to create videos for my business?

In addition to having extensive experience with video production and post-production, Lime’s status as a one-stop-shop for marketing communications has multiplicative benefits for your brand. Our holistic approach to brand building and marketing ensures that your video is perfectly in line with the rest of your brand’s communications and character.

Expert know-how and setup

From specialised lighting and equipment for production, to cutting-edge software for editing and post-production, Lime wields both the tools and the expertise to deliver outstanding video content.

Superior art, design and storytelling

Whether it’s brainstorming a concept, crafting a script, or developing a storyboard, there’s a lot that goes into making great videos. At Lime, our team of writers and artists take your project from the drawing board to the final cut, adding the creativity and production value that lets your brand stand out.

In addition to our robust in-house capabilities, Lime also partners trusted production houses to deliver brand videos and ad films with professional actors.


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