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Lime Virtual Studio

We craft communication and design that builds better brands

Done-for-you marketing

We don’t talk about “creative technologies” or “consumer intersectionality”.
We just solve business problems with marketing that works.

One-stop-shop communication studio

Websites? Ads? Direct mail? Branding?
Check, check, check, check, and then some.

Holistic, 360-degree approach

Beautifully integrated campaigns for that 1+1 = 11 effect.

Designed for growth

Tiny SME or giant MNC, our solutions are tailored to fit your needs.

Breakthrough return-on-investment

Your brand, made better.
No ifs, buts or maybes.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

From logos to stationery, brochures, and beyond – visual communication that makes your brand unforgettable

We’re easy to work with.

And hard on ourselves.

We’re never precious. Or snooty, self-important, or too-clever-for-our-own-ruddy-good.

We like straight speak. We do what we say, say what we do, and strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

Life’s much simpler and more fun this way.

Headquartered in Melbourne.

Designing for the world.

Since 2000, we’ve built brands that have reached millions — and delivered even more in growth for our clients.

With some of the best talent on the planet, and our proprietary, remote workflow, we can deliver on your brief, no matter where you are in the world.

Website Development

Website Development

Everything web to make your business roar: website design, online stores, landing pages...

Our expertise + your industry insights equals breakthrough results

We combine our skills and holistic brand development methodology with your specialist knowledge to deliver breakthrough results.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve worked with businesses in every conceivable industry: consumer goods, retail, hospitality, oil & gas, real estate, and beyond.



From posters and magazines to billboards and social media, find advertising that helps your business gain an unfair competitive advantage.

There’s always a way.

Together, we’ll find it.

A competitor who's swallowing your dinner. A product that must save an imperilled brand. A growth goal that seems unreachable.

Whatever your challenge, our goal is to help you fulfil yours. We’re here for the long term, and we are relentless.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Woo and win the digital consumer with SEO, social media marketing, display ads, and a whole lot more.

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