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Wherever your business or your brand needs to attract local attention, a pull-up banner can be a great choice – so long as there are a few square feet of floor space available! The pull-up banner and its variants are the most versatile on-site advertising tools, ideal for temporary placements such as trade shows, conferences, sponsored events, pop-up shops, and social gatherings.

What is a pull-up banner?

A pull-up banner (also called roll-up banner or standee) is a plastic-sheet-based sign that is printed with relevant information for public display. It is portable and easy to install, owing to a spring mechanism that allows extension and retraction of the banner. When collapsed, it rolls up within a compact, lightweight unit.

Polypropylene (PP) and vinyl (PVC) are popular choices for pull-up banner roll media; ‘anti-curl’ sheets made of polyester fused with PVC are also gaining popularity. The combination of compact size, portability and durability make pull-up banners perfect for reuse across locations and events.


How big is a pull-up banner?

The average pull-up banner’s size ranges from 800mm-1000mm wide and 1400mm-2050mm tall.

An extra wide pull-up banner is also available measuring 1500mm wide x 2200mm tall.

How much does a pull-up banner cost?

The usual price range for a pull-up banner with a minimalist design and quality printing is between $320 and $590 (excluding GST) depending on the type of pull-up banner.

Additional printed copies are cheaper.

The use of double-sided printing, detailed content, multiple special graphics, and original photography will raise the costs.

A specific price is instantly calculated when you visit our ordering section.

Why should my business use an X banner?

What does an X banner cost?

An X banner is a low-cost alternative to a pull-up banner, making it preferable for lower-budget contexts where collapsibility is not a priority. This variant gets its name from the ‘X’-shaped stand (also known as a spider frame) used to hold the lightweight, fibreglass frame on which the actual banner is tensioned.

The materials used for X banners are similar to those used in pull-ups, and offer all the same advantages; the major difference is that X banners provide less display space compared to pull-up banners, owing to the structure of the X frame. It is especially advantageous when you need to change banners, as replacing the media takes just a few seconds.

When would a fabric banner stand be the best choice?

How much does a fabric banner cost?

Fabric banner stands are usually preferred for advertising in premium venues, such as in an upscale hotel lobby or a luxury retail outlet. The major attraction of fabric banners is their rich, textured look which is achieved by dye sublimation printing on fabric – this creates an overall better visual appeal compared to the ‘plasticky’ look of a pull-up banner. The cost of a fabric banner stand can vary depending on the need for custom graphics and original photography.

How will pull-up banners crafted by Lime give my business a competitive edge?

Research by the Sign Research Foundation that studied over 100,000 shoppers found that nearly 35% of them associated signage quality with the quality of the business itself — in other words, a well-crafted sign indicated a reliable and professional business, whereas shoppers avoided businesses with obscure, ill-designed signs.

Here’s how crafting your banners with Lime gives your business a leg up over the competition:

  • Communication that stands out, thanks to our understanding of consumer behaviour and motivation, as well as our meticulous analysis of your industry and competitors.
  • Eye-catching design, through our expert use of colour, contrast, typography, and graphics.
  • Effective hierarchy of information, ensuring that the elements of your message are communicated in the right sequence and order of importance.
  • Specialising in the technicalities of preparing high-resolution artwork for large format printing to ensure clarity in the imagery.

You can also maximise your brand visibility and impact at events with Lime’s special packages on signage, backdrops, flags, vinyl banners, media walls, lightbox walls and even pop-up gazebos.

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