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Every day, people ask about 5.6 billion questions on Google, with an estimated 35 million searches coming from Australia. A huge portion of these searches are for products and services. Lime’s SEO services let you grab more than your fair share of results for searches relevant to your business – thereby winning traffic, customers, and the big bickies.

Why should I choose Lime’s SEO services for my business?

Effective SEO requires combining:

  • strong business analysis to set the appropriate goals for your business needs,
  • deep know-how of search, to determine what your audience is searching for and which queries will yield the best return on investment,
  • exceptional communication skills to craft persuasive content that outranks your competitors’ content, AND
  • web expertise, to ensure your site’s SERP rankings aren’t constrained by technical factors.

This is precisely the blend of science and art that most frequently wins us praise from our customers. Here are just a few other reasons why Lime is a great choice for your SEO needs:

Unbiased advice. At Lime, we prefer to underpromise and overdeliver. If we believe that we aren’t a good fit for your needs, we’ll talk ourselves out of the job, because we’re here for the long run – we know the customers come back only if we give them advice they can trust.

Proudly Australian. We’ve been headquartered in Melbourne since 2000. We prefer to keep things here in Australia, so we don’t outsource to questionable overseas contractors, unlike many other providers.

Proven expertise. We’ve designed, built, and managed websites of all scales and sizes for clients in almost every conceivable industry. When it comes to SEO, we know what works and what doesn’t – and if we believe that a client goal or expectation cannot be fulfilled, we tell them early on.

360-degree holistic approach. Lime is much more than just an SEO agency; our in-house expertise includes marketing communication, web design, and consumer psychology. This lets us integrate your SEO campaign with the rest of your business’s marketing efforts, to deliver multiplied results.

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