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SEO Services
Type of SEO
Alt Text Attributes

Keyword-rich textual descriptions of images for accessibility which also help convince search bots about relevance.

Type of SEO
Analytics & Monitoring

Analyse your website traffic – how many visited from where, on what type of devices, how they discovered the website, the pages they viewed, the visit durations. All information compiled and explained in simple English.

Type of SEO
Caching and Page Load Speed Metrics

Install the best optimisation software to enable Page and Browser Caching, Preloading, Script Minification, Lazy Loading, Optimised Database and Compressed Webpages. Page load speeds will be measured, and solutions will be recommended to avoid any elements that slow webpage loading.

Type of SEO

Listing on 15 of the top directory-type websites that have a Domain Authority rank of 40-100. Unlike other citation service providers who indiscriminately submit to multiple directories, we have measured and carefully selected each referring site, to protect you from receiving harmful low-quality backlinks.

Type of SEO
Competitor Analysis

Study the top 10 search results for the keyphrase that you want to rank for. From this we determine the level of effort required to outrank them.

Type of SEO
Google Accounts Setup

Setup and integration of Google accounts with website including Gmail, Analytics, Search Console, Business Profile, and Google Ads.

Type of SEO
Image Optimisation

Download images, resize, optically optimise for quality display and fast loading, rename with keywords, then replace amongst the webpages.

Type of SEO
Ecommerce Product Description Writing

Every product page at an online store must have unique content. It must not be copied from supplier or competitor websites. It must contain pertinent information of at least 100 words – ideally about 300 words.

Approximate Word Count

Type of SEO
Keyword Research

Receive a report of keywords on a topic that your prospects use to search for you and your competitors. The keywords are sorted in order of the average number of searches per month. With this report, we help you shortlist what keywords are important to you.

Type of SEO
Review Management

Compile and display reviews from over 130 platforms on your website. Collect customer reviews automatically. Reply to reviews easily using AI. Authenticate your business with a review certificate. Display your review score with Google Rich Snippets. This Review Management service must be renewed annually.

Type of SEO
Webpage Design & Writing

A fully optimised webpage comprising content writing of approx. 500 words, web page layout, meta-tagging and optimised imagery.

Type of SEO
Website SEO Audit

Receive a comprehensive audit report that itemises what is good, bad and needing improvement at the website, in relation to ranking higher amongst search results.

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