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Nearly two-thirds of flyers get the attention of multiple readers, according to a study across 20 developed economies. The read rate for flyers with targeted recipients is as high as 92%. This explains why flyers are such strong favourites with businesses looking to advertise, even in a digital era. With Lime to design and print your flyers, your business can expect to see the kind of increased visibility and conversion rates that has competitors wondering about your secret formula.

What is the difference between a flyer, a brochure, and a catalogue?

Flyers are advertising tools designed to capture customers’ attention in one glance, delivering information powerfully through compact presentation and concise wording. Brochures are marketing materials in fold-out or booklet form, containing information about a business, product or service. Catalogues are books with information on dozens or hundreds of products.

Given that flyers are smaller and cheaper than either brochures or catalogues, they are ideally suited to conveying basic information and a single ‘call to action’, even to “cold” prospects. Brochures and catalogues are marketing tools better suited for prospects who are already interested in a particular product or business, with the intention of informing and persuading potential customers.

If you’re interested in brochures or catalogues, please explore Lime’s specialised services for brochure and catalogue design.

Are flyers still effective?

In spite of the tremendous growth of digital advertising, there are several solid reasons why flyers are still a popular and potent marketing tool:

What makes a flyer stand out?

A flyer is a flyer is a flyer, right? Wrong. Where a clever flyer can make your business’s visibility soar, an ill-designed one is likely destined for the waste bin. Here’s what you need to know about Lime’s customized approach to flyer design and printing, and why it’ll help take your business to the next level:

Understanding your business, your customers and drip marketing

Flyer marketing conversion rates can be as high as 22%, or as low as 1% or even lower. It all depends on your flyer’s design and distribution.

‘Often seen, better remembered’ is a rule-of-thumb that guides advertising. It’s also the basis for the time-tested drip marketing technique, which feeds prospective customers a stream of pre-designed messages to keep their attention and interest engaged by your brand and your business.

For a really successful flyer campaign, Lime will work with you to answer the following questions:-

  • What benefit is your business uniquely positioned to provide your customers through using your product / service?
    (Consider the difference: Telling customers that you offer affordable, professional lawn mowing VS. Telling them that you can give them immaculate lawns plus peace of mind, all for less than it costs to repair a lawnmower.)
  • Who are the customers most likely to want the benefit you are providing, and what are the best means of getting their attention (when, where, how)?

Understanding design: Painting pictures, crafting words

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But don’t forget that the impact of a well-written line can last a lifetime – who can ever forget powerful catchphrases like ‘Diamonds are forever’, or ‘Just do it’?

At Lime, we understand the importance of creating just the right combination of attention-grabbing imagery and compelling phrasing to snag – and keep – your customers’ attention. This is all the more crucial within the limited space afforded by a flyer.

Powerful calls to action

Even the most well-designed flyer is of little value if it doesn’t help in getting prospective customers to take the next step – perhaps a call, an enquiry, or a purchase. Effective flyers always invite the reader to take action.

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