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Whether in the form of an attractive cardboard carton, plastic sleeve, or glass case, a professional packaging design can make your product look irresistible to customers. We at Lime Virtual Studio focus on producing an arresting and confidence-inspiring effect. With enticing graphics and catchy messages, we can help you sell anything from cornflakes to corn plasters.

Our packaging design services are comprehensive and take several parameters into account. We consider sensitivity to light, packaging material, shape and size, actual usage (whether your product is a spray-on, squeezed, or splashed), the ease in scanning barcodes, and more. Are there labelling regulations? Warnings? Child-proof caps? Different countries have differing rules which must be followed.

Our designers will work closely with your packaging supplier and printer to ensure a functional product with a quality finish.

To discuss your packaging needs in detail, please fill out our order form as the first step, and we will respond swiftly.

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