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In recent years, the average exposure required to convert prospects to customers has jumped from 13 to 20. Brands must put in 53% more marketing effort for each sale, or risk getting left behind. SMEs and giant corporations alike favour newsletters, magazines and ezines as super-cost-effective tools to lead consumers closer to purchase. Lime delivers compelling ezines, magazines, and digital / printed newsletters that boost your brand and bottom-line.

Are newsletters and magazines still relevant in 2023?

Digital and printed newsletters and magazines are still among the most cost-effective marketing tools for businesses in 2023. Email newsletters deliver cost-per-lead figures up to 15 times lower than conventional offline BTL marketing. Ezines, which are categorised under content marketing, can have a cost-per-lead between 6 and 20 times lower than traditional advertising. Printed newsletters and magazines are forms of direct mail marketing, with average response rates up to 75 times higher than even email marketing.

What’s more, the average consumer completes as much as 60% of pre-purchase evaluation by themselves, before making contact with a business. During this evaluation window, studies show that consumers seek out 3 to 5 pieces of content about the brand, whether in digital or physical form. By providing resources that your target audience is looking for, ezines, brand magazines, and newsletters improve your brand’s recognition, recall, and image, increasing the odds of a sale when the consumer is ready to purchase.

Corporate newsletters for internal distribution within an organisation are also great tools for shaping and aligning your team’s culture, and providing employees visibility into exciting opportunities, challenges and projects across the organisation, which otherwise typically go undiscovered.

What is the difference between email newsletters, printed newsletters, magazines, and ezines? Which one should I use for my business?

The table below summarises the important differences between digital and printed newsletters and magazines.

Type Digital Printed
  • Digital newsletter, also called email newsletter, e-letter or online newsletter.
  • Distributed through email.
  • Very low distribution costs, easy to scale up inexpensively.
  • Easier to measure reader interest.
  • Governed by stringent privacy laws; cannot target recipients not already on your list or without consent.
  • Works best as part of a well-planned content marketing / funnel marketing strategy.
  • Printed or physical newsletter.
  • Distributed by post / snail mail.
  • Relatively high distribution cost, but also offers higher response rates.
  • In many cases, Australian law permits sending unpersonalised printed newsletters to recipients on bought mailing lists.
  • Best suited for businesses that have mailing lists.
  • Digital magazine, also called ezine or online magazine.
  • Highly beneficial for organic SEO when published in a web- and mobile-friendly format.
  • Best suited to fulfil long-term marketing goals.
  • Printed magazine.
  • High cost, but can deliver a more “premium” appeal than digital-only marketing.
  • Best suited for businesses with relatively high average ticket sizes.


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How much does it cost to publish a newsletter, magazine or ezine in Australia?

The costs for each of these forms of marketing can be divided into three categories:

  • written content and design cost
  • publishing cost
  • distribution cost

The content and design cost includes research, article writing, editing, photographs, infographics, charts and graphs, cartoons, and visual layout. Publishing cost includes either the printing cost or the online setup. Distribution cost includes the cost of sending the content to the target audience, whether digitally or physically.

The fee for content and design can vary depending on the complexity of the brief, whether photography is required, the extent of copy and visual design needed, and so on. Likewise, publishing costs differ depending on the scale of the project.

Lime handles all aspects of your newsletter and magazine process, including writing, design, publishing, and distribution. Alternatively, we can also work with your existing employees or vendors to handle only specific aspects of the project. Whichever level of engagement you choose, our proprietary, always-aware workflow ensures seamless collaboration that makes managing revisions and updates effortless.

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