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Even in the age of Insta and Snap, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, offering returns-on-investment that is hard to beat via other media.

At Lime, we have decades of experience implementing direct mail campaigns for businesses of every size. From conceptualising creative shapes and fold-outs, to crafting copy that persuades and converts, our approach to direct mail marketing can boost your business growth.

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According to studies published in the DMA Fact Book, direct mail campaigns can have response rates as high as 4.9 to 9 per cent, with a return on investment comparable to social media marketing. If you find this surprising, consider the key reason why direct mail still works: people must still physically handle and look at their mail, before deciding what to do with it.

Is direct mail still effective today?

Consider the businesses that still use direct mail:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • PayPal
  • Uber

There is perhaps no greater testament to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing, than the fact that these companies continue to rely on it despite their established stature on the internet. As per the most recent statistics, 6 out of 10 Australians read every piece of mail they receive.

Also, because physical mail feels somewhat novel in the digital age, people aren’t as distracted when looking through it as they are when interacting with most other types of marketing. Nearly everyone skims through their physical mail to sort it, which is why an eye-catching mail with persuasive copy stands a great chance of grabbing people’s attention.

What’s the difference between direct mail and email?

Direct mail refers to the method of getting marketing communication directly to consumers in the physical form. Email Marketing refers to reaching consumers digitally, without sending ‘snail mail’ or physical materials.

Each medium offers its own set of advantages, and Lime’s multi-channel approach helps businesses combine the two to get the best of both worlds, or choose the medium that’s most suited to their needs.

Why should I use Lime’s direct mail services?


There’s always a sense of mystery and occasion that surrounds getting a letter in the mail. We can add special details such as brochures personalised with the recipient’s name, or give it that bespoke, handwritten feel. To make it even more memorable, we’ve done creative executions for our clients, such as an engaging, DIY kit for a furniture retailer, a fire extinguisher for a fire equipment inspection company, or a mail for a beauty chain that was specially scented with a fragrance.


Direct mail should always be linked to a powerful call-to-action that invites recipients to do something with the mailer, like visiting your store or calling your business. With coupons and special offers, even if a person doesn’t use it right away, odds are high that they save it for later (by sticking it to their fridge, for instance), giving your brand sustained visibility. Lime’s uncompromising results-focused approach ensures that every campaign has clear, compelling calls to action.

Cross-platform and measurable

Customers have also unlocked great results with direct mail campaigns that were integrated with their digital platforms. Through the use of QR codes, trackable promotions, augmented reality, and so on, we’ve helped customers raise the speed and effectiveness of direct mail to entirely new levels.

How much does direct mail cost in Australia?

There are two main costs to a direct mail campaign: the cost of producing the letter, brochure, or kit (including design, printing, packaging and so on), and the cost of postage.

1. Cost of production

Depending on the complexity and the number of mailers being produced, production cost may range from a few cents per mail for something like an A4-size flyer, to over $100 per mail for sophisticated, interactive kits.

Note that economies of scale can affect prices greatly: a large production run for thousands of copies can bring down the cost per mail sharply by an order of magnitude, as compared to smaller production runs.

2. Cost of postage

Postage varies based on weight and volume. Australia Post offers delivery services starting from just $0.685 per mail. Check out their website for more details on the cost of postage for direct mail.

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