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According to the most significant scientific study to date on the topic, good logos not only improve brand recognition, but also convey benefits, strengthen loyalty, and influence consumers to self-identify with a brand. Lime’s approach to logo design integrates time-tested best practices with the latest secrets of consumer psychology, delivering distinctive, memorable logos that equip your brand for next-level growth.

What is a good logo design?

Most times, when people talk about whether a logo is or isn’t any good, what they’re actually describing is their opinion on how it looks. While aesthetics do matter, it is secondary and subjective. Before evaluating how pretty a logo is, it’s more important to determine whether a logo fulfils its primary functional objectives, which are:

  • enabling consumers to identify your brand
  • helping consumers remember your brand
  • allowing your brand to be represented consistently and recognisably across varied contexts
  • protecting your brand from competitors and counterfeiters

In other words, developing a good logo is about objective strategy, not subjective art. In order to fulfil the key functional objectives above, a good logo needs to be:


You don’t want a logo that people might confuse with other well-known logos. Achieving this requires good research of the markets in which your business operates.

Easy to decipher

Ensuring that a logo is easily legible/discernible such that consumers can decode it in just a glance, requires the mindful application of specialist know-how of typography, symbolism and colour.


A good logo must fit on everything from a 16-pixel-wide icon in a browser or app, to the side of a pencil, a patch on a t-shirt, a billboard, or giant signage on a building.

Recognisable in single colour and “flat” colour formats

When looking at images on your phone or computer, it’s easy to forget that not every medium allows for so many colours and gradients. For instance, single-colour printing for legal documents and embroidered logos on staff uniforms are just two examples of common applications where it’s important for a logo to still be recognisable even when not in its “full colour” format.


Safeguarding your investments in your brand against anybody trying to damage or hurt your business interests is definitely a good idea. Trademarks are an important way of doing that, and even if you haven’t trademarked your brand name and logo yet, experts strongly recommend that you do so as your brand’s popularity grows – before somebody else does. Good logos must be distinctive enough to be trademarkable.

Why not just use a free or $5 logo?

Although it is possible to find logos online for as little as $5, and there are even tools claiming to be “free logo generators”, here are a few factors you should keep in mind before using going ahead with such options:

  • Providers achieve low costs by using generic or stock design templates and elements, that are often reused by thousands of designers worldwide, for as many clients. It can be difficult or impossible to ensure that logos obtained from such sources are actually unique and proprietary to your brand. We’ve come across several instances of businesses that were shocked to find that what they thought was a logo developed for them, was also being used by other businesses.
  • Generic or dissimilar logos typically run into difficulties with trademark registration, and often cannot be trademarked at all.
  • Aside from using generic stock elements and icons, we’ve often had complaints from customers about cheap freelancers and design students on places like Fiverr, who plagiarised some other logo and turned it in as original work.

All of these issues can be avoided with a design service that offers a bespoke design and thought behind the design to best represent the uniqueness of your business. Lime’s professional logo design services start at just $90 + GST.

Logo Design Fees

Our logo design fees are structured as follows:

Word Mark Logo

Wordmark: $90 +GST

Your business name set in 10 select typefaces for you to choose from

Full logotype with symbol

Logotype & Symbol: $480 +GST

5 Concept designs of your name combined with a special logomark that represents your business

Logo Pack: $180 + GST

Your logo can be supplied in multiple formats – a complete set of variations suitable for every form of reproduction that your suppliers would require now and in the future.

Portrait and landscape logo designs

Landscape & Portrait Layouts

To fit well in long and wide, or tall and narrow spaces

Full colour and single colour logo designs

Full Colour & Single Colour

To look good in glossy colour magazines as well as on cardboard cartons

Vector Rasterised Artwork icon

Vector & Rasterised File Formats

Suitable for in-house as well as professional graphics use

Each version of your logo is supplied in the following colour spaces:
 CMYK (for commercial printing)
 RGB (for onscreen viewing)
 SPOT (for 2 or 3 colour printing)
 Black (for single colour reproductions)
 White (for displaying on dark backgrounds)

All of these are supplied in two file types:
 EPS (resolution-independent vector format for graphics professionals to enlarge to any size)
 PNG (for your in-house use – these are in high resolution with transparent backgrounds for your convenience)

Why should I choose Lime to design the logo for my business?

With over two decades of experience, we’ve crafted logos for businesses of all sizes, and in virtually every industry. When you choose Lime to design your logo, here’s how you give your business an edge over your competitors:

Holistic approach

As a one-stop shop for all marketing communication needs, we know that logos and the businesses behind them, cannot function in isolation. From their website to their advertising, staff uniforms, and packaging, the most successful brands are those that harmonise their marketing everywhere. With our expertise, you’re guaranteed to get a logo that empowers your business, no matter where you take it: ads, physical retail, the internet, special events, or outer space…

Bespoke, deeply researched, creative design

Every logo design project begins with a set of questions designed to gain deep insights into your business and your customers. Unlike designers who use “inspiration” from logos of your competitors, we steer clear of clichéd and over-used concepts, to deliver an original and unique logo that represents your brand in a memorable, distinctive way.

Proudly Australian

Unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource work to low-quality overseas contractors, as we’d much rather keep things in Australia. Our logo design service is based in Melbourne, and for you, this means professional, reliable, on-time delivery.

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