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Melbourne Australia

The importance of having a good logo design cannot be emphasized enough. A logo is more than just a work of art with your business name tagged on. The key purpose of your logo is to present the image of your organisation in a professional, unique, and memorable way.

The internet is home to numerous websites with cheap templated logo designs – but do you really want the same logo that other businesses possess too?! Crowdsourcing the services of logo designers worldwide who churn out logos overnight without discussing your business function, its uniqueness, its desired image, nor its target audience couldn't possibly develop a long lasting strong brand that works.

That's why we recommend using Lime Virtual Studio, the branding experts for your logo development. With our experience, professionalism, creativity, and skill, we set your logo apart from today's clutter of symbols, and your business apart from your competitors.

Copyright Ownership

Needless to say the logos we design, our true originals specially prepared with your business in mind. They are not re-used rejects from past projects.

You have peace of mind knowing that you own the copyright on the logo design once paid for. For complete peace of mind, we can also assist with the trade mark registration of your logo.

Elements of a professional logo design

A checklist to which we adhere when designing your logo ensures that it:

  • is compliant with your specified business image
  • is unique with high recall value – making your logo easily recognisable
  • is representative of your business
  • is effective in its simplest form – a flat black that depends upon neither colour nor shading
  • is clear and identifiable even at small sizes – even if printed on a pen
  • is compatible with varying limitations of narrow or wide spaces

Clients who engage our logo design services often require the following too: