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For the average Australian business, each website visitor typically costs $2.22 to acquire, but only 2.14% convert into customers. So, a site with a thousand monthly visitors could be wasting over $2,172 per month on lost opportunities. Effective content can make the difference between clinching and losing customers. From improving your brand’s likability and memorability, to boosting customer retention and reducing advertising spends, Lime delivers Website Content Writing that lets you leap ahead of the competition.

For websites, copywriting is typically used to craft the words for the primary website pages, such as the homepage, about page, and landing pages. Content writing is typically applied to blog pages, whitepapers, case studies, support documentation, and so on.


What are the benefits of good website content and copy?

Why not just hire a cheap writer online, or write it myself?

Crafting effective copy requires seven key elements:

  • an understanding of consumer psychology and what motivates people
  • insights into a business’s target audience, competitors, and industry
  • knowledge of search engine algorithms process and how to increase the chances of content being discovered and read by the right people

Assuming you have all of these things, if you are managing a business, it is quite unlikely that your time is best spent analysing dozens of competitors and hundreds of web user behaviour patterns to uncover the insights that make for compelling copy.

Cheap writers on online marketplaces present a variety of additional drawbacks:

  • Generic, forgettable content
  • High risk of “spun” content and plagiarism (which will prevent you from ranking high on Google listings)
  • Content that is inaccurate or just makes no sense when read carefully, having been auto-generated by AI software
  • Padded-up content with unnecessary words and repetition, just to reach a desired word count
  • Content lacking structure to present information in a systematic way, with no appropriate call-to-action
  • Badly written content with keywords forced in unnaturally, which puts off human readers, and could potentially attract penalties from search engines
  • Flowery language that doesn’t connect with the common person and misses the communication objective
  • Work that’s often executed overseas by unskilled writers with no knowledge of Australian culture or consumer behaviour

Why should I hire Lime to craft my website content / copy?

As a one-stop-shop that does a lot more than just websites, Lime’s holistic approach marries big-picture vision to little-detail execution. By combining the technical knowhow required for SEO success with creative skills and consumer psychology insights, we craft content that rates highly with search engines, impresses your audience, and syncs well with the rest of your brand’s communication. With Lime at your side, here’s what you get:

  • Copywriters and content writers who specialise in writing for the web
  • Extensive category and competitor analysis for SEO (content gap analysis) to help you outperform competitors
  • Engaging copy that grabs your audience’s attention and speaks to them in natural language (without spammy keyword stuffing that annoys human readers and risks penalties from search engines)
  • Distinctive, compelling tone of voice that improves your brand conversions, recall, and likability
  • Accessible pricing

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