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Need your brand to be advertised on more than 2 million websites across the internet? Want the lowest effective cost-per-click (eCPC) rates anywhere on the web? All of this is possible with display advertising. Lime’s team of display ad specialists conceptualise and execute cutting-edge ads that let your business win bigger, faster, better.

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What are display ads?

A display ad is a form of online advertising that allows businesses to market themselves through text, images, video, and animation. Display ads run on a variety of ad platforms, with some platforms restricted exclusively to certain websites, while other platforms or ‘networks’, like Facebook or Google, have thousands or millions of participating sites where ads are shown.

Display ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, called ‘ad units’. All ads allow the advertiser to specify a link, which takes users who click on the ad to a page of the advertiser’s choice. Advertisers can also decide where, when, and to whom their ads are displayed, with various targeting options that vary depending on the network.

How do display ads work?

Ad platforms or networks accept bids from advertisers to show their ads based on targeting criteria defined by the advertiser. The rates for the ads vary based on an advertiser’s industry and their specified criteria. The highest bidder wins the most amount of advertising space or impressions against the criteria they’ve chosen.

When should I use display ads for my business?

Display advertising is a form of push marketing, as opposed to search ads, which are a form of pull marketing. This means that display ads are “pushed” out to a target audience that may not necessarily be looking for information about the advertised product or service, at the moment when the ad is shown to them. Display ads work well in a variety of scenarios:

1. Reaching niche audiences

Display ad networks by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, consist of millions of websites on all sorts of topics, making it possible to advertise to audiences who have interests related to your product or service, and who might otherwise be difficult to reach. This is particularly useful for a product or service that potential customers aren’t searching for because they don’t know that it exists.

2. Building brand awareness

Imagine selling a product or service that helps users accomplish a task 20X faster than usual. If people are already actively searching for such a solution, search ads can help you pitch to them while they’re looking for it. But often, people aren’t searching because they’ve never even imagined that such a product is available.

Through well-crafted display ads that sell your brand’s unique selling proposition in a compelling way, and a well-targeted display ad campaign, you can move your prospects through the stages of awareness, consideration, and eventually, conversion. Display ads can also promote awareness of your brand and prompt brand-specific searches, saving you a lot of money in PPC campaigns.

3. Pitching visual products

Many products in categories such as beauty, food, entertainment, travel, and leisure, are most effectively advertised with vivid images and video. Display ads are an ideal tool in such cases.

4. Retargeting, or for products with long sales cycles

Some products and services – such as premium watches, expensive software, or vehicles, for example — have sales cycles where weeks or months elapse between the time when a consumer initially discovers a product or need, and the point when they finally buy that product or fulfil that need. Display ads are effective tools to ‘retarget’ those consumers, staying on top of their mind until they’re ready to purchase.

If you’re not sure whether to drive your marketing with display ads or search ads – or if you should balance both – Lime’s digital marketing experts can help you plan a marketing campaign that delivers the best bang for buck.

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