Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some questions you might have. If you still seek clarification, please contact the Lime Virtual Studio team.

Do you offer other services not listed in this website?

Yes we might! While we offer an extensive list of services, every business has unique communication needs which may not be mentioned in our site. This does not necessarily mean we cannot do what you require.

How do I request services not listed in this website?

Please contact the Lime Virtual Studio team, and tell us of your specific requirements.

How do you maintain confidentiality about my business information?

All Lime Virtual Studio employees and contractors sign confidentiality agreements before we work together. Lime Virtual Studio does not divulge any client information to others. For your peace of mind, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

If I am located outside Melbourne, can we really work without meeting face-to-face?

Yes of course! Lime Virtual Studio has been specially set up to work with you, wherever you may be, even when you’re travelling overseas! We take full advantage of the internet, to receive your instructions, present proofs and supply the finished product.

We have many satisfied customers who testify to the ease of working this way, and how we have helped them save time and money by eliminating the need to schedule appointments.

Is an advance payment prior to commencing a job compulsory?

Yes. Your advance payment confirms your interest and authority in obtaining our services. We are unable to commence working on your project till this payment is received. Please note that we do not refund advance payments should you choose to cancel the project later.

I am not happy about a service I have received from you. Whom can I complain to?

We are not used to receiving complaints, but if you are unhappy about anything, we will take the matter very seriously. Please tell us about your problem by filling in our feedback form.

What equipment do you use?

Lime Virtual Studio is mainly Apple Macintosh-based. We also use PCs in a Windows-based environment if necessary. We use all popular graphics software. Our Help section provides a list of file formats which we can accept or supply artwork in.

Why do you not give us the fonts used to typeset our work?

Font developers impose strict rules on the distribution of their fonts. If you do not possess a licence to use a font, we are not permitted to supply the font to you. We can however supply you with the typeset material using the correct fonts in an uneditable format, such as in the form of vector paths, rasterised bitmaps; or Acrobat documents (PDF) or Encapsulated PostScript files (EPS) containing embedded fonts.

Contacting Lime Virtual Studio

If you have any question regarding our services, which we have not explained clearly in this website, please contact us.

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