Growth is imperative; in business, there’s no such thing as standing still — you’re either gaining or losing to your competition. Consequently, creating new marketing material to keep your brand fresh, interesting and relevant to your audience, is as essential as filing taxes (in fact, more so). But with evolving technology, channels and consumers, getting the right message to the right people in the right place at the right time requires constant monitoring of the market and consumer preferences, and tweaking your tactics so you can reach out to them better.

What’s more, communicating in a way that wins consumer attention and motivates action requires an understanding of the nuances of consumer psychology and persuasion. Not to mention, the technical knowledge of how to make the most efficient use of various media platforms and channels.

This is where Lime comes in.

Marketing communication that your customers will love

What makes a brand likeable to potential customers? Think of a business or brand that you admire and whose ads, websites, social media profiles, or other messaging, have left you impressed. What is the key ingredient that produces that appeal?

Whether it’s a giant company or a one-person startup, an edgy brand or a warm one, the secret to marketing communication that wins hearts and minds is consistency in design and tone of voice. Think about it: every likeable brand is likeable precisely because they look, speak, and act in a certain characteristic way, all the time.

At Lime, we’re experts at crafting communication that consistently hits the right notes to appeal to a particular audience. Whether it’s website copy, brochures, social media posts, online ads, or the look and feel of your brand, our specialists are practised in the art and science of using the right images, colours, and words, at the right time.

Unlike the many increasingly ‘product-ised’ B2B service providers who are keen to just sell you a tool and leave you to struggle with the execution, at Lime, we prefer to get hands-on. Working with Lime is like having your own in-house mar-com department, but leaner, quicker and more cost-effective. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped businesses of every size grow and thrive across a variety of industries.


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