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Marketers have long known that the decor of a space influences consumer behaviour, as shown by several studies. From brand walls that build image and stature, to lobbies, entryways, and passages that showcase your brand’s ethos and personality, Lime’s wall graphics designs add that special fun- and wow-factor that impresses and enchants your customers, visitors, and associates.

What are the benefits of wall graphics?
Why do I need wall graphics for my business?

Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C business, here are just a few of the benefits that great wall graphics can unlock for you:

  • The distinctiveness and visual appeal of well-designed wall graphics makes the difference between a remarkable space that makes an impression on people, and one with a bland, forgettable experience.
  • From receptions in corporate offices, to lobbies in gyms, to walls in cafés, and any other application you can dream up, wall graphics are great to set the perfect mood and “feel” for a space, with the right sort of words and imagery.
  • Enhance and reinforce your brand appeal. They can even communicate your brand’s history, heritage, accomplishments, and unique differences.
  • Wall graphics are the most cost-effective way to transform the decor of a space and imbue it with a unique character.
  • Wall graphics are generally more durable and low-maintenance than many other branding options.

Why should I choose Lime to design wall graphics for my business?

Our clients are so impressed with Lime’s ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary brand experiences that we have even been flown overseas to design something similar for their international locations. Here are a few key reasons why choosing Lime is a great idea for your business too:

Holistic approach

Unlike most other wall graphics providers, Lime specialises in marketing communications, and that means we have deep knowledge of everything from retail design to advertising. We ensure all your communication is stitched together to make your brand consistent and compelling.

Audience insight

It doesn’t just matter what you say, it matters how you say it. And how you say it depends on who you’re saying it to. The secret to Lime’s compelling wall graphics is our focus on getting into the mindset of your audience, and decoding the style and substance that is most likely to impress them.

Attention to detail

Great wall graphics come from a great understanding of the physical space where it’s meant to serve. Our specialists study your location, including lighting, footfall, view angles and distance, direction of viewer movement, average time spent in the vicinity, obstructions and how these attributes may vary through the day.

Design and production expertise

In addition to crafting wall graphics with powerful words and inspiring visuals, Lime’s hands-on experience with print production means we have the know-how to prepare extremely high-resolution artwork for large format printing, including attention to intricate detail that becomes very evident when viewed closeup in magnification. With Lime, your wall graphics are in expert hands.

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