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Corporate identity design just as an individuals’ personality, is about the image with which your organisation can be identified. A company’s corporate ID is the group of attributes and values that it possesses – its personality, its reason for existence, its spirit and soul.

The image reflected by the organisation’s personality will make the company identifiable and different from the rest. It shall also determine its importance in the business world.

Every piece of a company’s communication – its signage, website, brochure, stationery etc says something about the company whose name it bears. If care is not taken to ensure that ONE strong impression is conveyed, the company’s image is weakened and distorted.

Why is consistency in an identity important?

A uniform consistent presentation of your business not only supports a stable company image, but aids in brand recall – a growing familiarity with your business presence in the marketplace.

Psychologically, repetition changes one’s thought patterns in favour of what is being repeated. For example when your company is seen ‘everywhere’ and is recognised as being the same (amongst your product packaging, online presence, company vehicles, trade magazine advertisements, correspondence etc), together these develop a trust in your company brand, which in turn contributes toward convincing a prospective customer to become AND remain a buyer.

Lime Virtual Studio is your brand agency that will develop a uniform consistent corporate identity for your organisation. If yours is an established company, we recommend a design audit at first to determine how relevant your brand perception is to your desired image.

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