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In the field of communication, putting pen to paper is quite different from other forms of writing.

Writing is an art that calls for an understanding of all the elements of many different communication styles. The clarity and topicality of journalism. Or the feeling and emotion of poetry. The persuasion and deftness of a good politician… all these skills and flair for grammar free from error are essential weapons in a copywriter’s arsenal.

Versatility is another asset that is mandatory for a copy specialist. It’s your product or business that will dictate the style of copy.

At Lime, we have the experience and ability to use various writing techniques to communicate messages that appeal and work effectively – and most appropriately for the medium it appears in.

From newspapers, magazines, billboards to websites and live presentations. And writing more than just slogans… powerful convincing messages.

Advertisements. Advertorials. Press releases. Speeches. Editing a video. Or writing an e-book.. We cover the entire canvas with our spectrum of knowledge and resourcefulness.

And we deliver with force and impact. Writing to fit a stated need and objective. Writing to fit within a designed space – on a page, or to get the message across with just a couple of words or an idea.