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World-class copywriting, content writing, and article writing services

Words matter. And, as any marketer will confirm, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Lime puts a team of highly-qualified writers at your service, to persuade, educate, inform, and inspire your audience.


Persuasive copy to grab attention, hold interest, create desire and inspire action.

Website Content

Sharp, on-point webpage writing to make a great impression in a matter of seconds.

Blog Posts

Answer customer questions, provide a deeper understanding, and win confidence. Imperative for most SEO strategies.

Product Descriptions

Why compete on price alone? Give customers convincing reasons to buy from you and encourage instant order placement.

E-books / White papers

A very popular lead generation method at the top of a marketing funnel. Demonstrate expertise, and warm up cold prospects.

Press Releases

Build credibility and brand profile that can potentially earn free news coverage.


Connect with your audience, keep in touch, report on the latest, advertise promotions, and make them hungry for more!


Make content crisp and captivating with expert proofreading as well as structural, substantive, and stylistic edits.

Writing That Wins Trust (and Grows Your Business)

How would you choose your words if you were meeting your significant other’s parents for the very first time? Or, if you were giving a presentation to investors who might fund your business? Whenever you seek to make the best impression, you’d work out what to say with the greatest care and skill. And, as any marketer will tell you, it’s not just what you say that matters, it’s how you say it.

Which brings us to an important question: how persuasive and impactful are the words that your business uses? Your brochures, website homepage, your product descriptions, blog posts, advertisements, emails, newsletters, social media – every instance where your business speaks to your customers? If the words across all of those touchpoints are ordinary… Well, you’re leaving money on the table. Worse, you’re giving up business to your competitors.

Lime’s services for copywriting, content writing, and article and blog writing puts a team of highly-skilled writers at your service, to persuade, educate, inform, and inspire your audience. Catchy, memorable, pithy, informative, lucid, in-depth, well-researched – whatever it is you seek, we deliver.

Why choose Lime’s writing services?

  • Native-level English writers
  • Industry-leading research
  • Wide array of topics
  • Advanced content strategy and ideation
  • Expert SEO writing
  • Copywriters with advertising experience
  • Tone-of-voice suited to your brand
  • Original content: ZERO plagiarism
  • Two free revisions
  • Affordable pricing

How it works

  1. Use our friendly online ordering system to specify your content requirements. Not sure what you need? Our wizard will help you map out a plan based on your marketing goals!
  2. Based on your brief, our content specialist works out an outline or a content strategy, including coming up with article ideas / suggestions if required.
  3. Once approved, our expert writers research your topic, industry, competition, and audience, to craft insightful, original content to suit the parameters you specified.
  4. You review the initial draft and indicate any changes you require.
  5. Our writers make the edits as required. You can specify up to two rounds of revisions on each article.
  6. We deliver the final work in Microsoft Word format.

Deeply-researched content, crafted for your industry

  • Architecture writing
  • Business writing
  • Consumer products writing
  • Design writing
  • Ecommerce writing
  • Education writing
  • Entertainment writing
  • Fashion writing
  • Finance writing
  • Fitness writing
  • Food & beverage writing
  • Gaming writing
  • Government & non-profit writing
  • Health & wellness writing
  • Internet writing
  • Legal writing
  • Lifestyle writing
  • Manufacturing writing
  • Marketing writing
  • Medical writing
  • Music writing
  • Real estate writing
  • Recreation writing
  • Religion & spirituality writing
  • Retail writing
  • Sales writing
  • Science writing
  • Sports writing
  • Technology writing
  • Travel writing

Frequently asked questions


I speak and write very good English. Why do I need your writing services?

Professional writing is more than just the ability to write grammatically correct content. It understands consumer psychology – how different people think, what their attention span is, what persuades different types of consumers, how to nudge them towards purchase, and so on.

Further, when it comes to web content writing, Lime’s SEO specialists have studied search engines like Google, and understand their criteria for determining relevance to a search, and how a website should be ranked against other competing sites.

Why should I bother with content? What can content do for me?

People can be lazy with reading, and react better to minimalism. We understand this and specially design a page to be easy to take in, to deliver key points rapidly, and place prominent cues to take action for readers who know exactly what they want. Studies however have proven that original, well-researched, high-quality content can help your business:

  • engage, impress, educate, and persuade your audience
  • improve its website domain authority and search engine rankings
  • drive more visitors from free search engine traffic
  • improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • add more leads to your conversion funnel
  • reduce your customer support costs
  • increase sales and customer retention

How much content do I need?

The amount of content you require, and the optimal word count for each piece of content is determined by your:

  • business goals
  • topic / product type
  • industry’s level competition

Our content specialist can help you plan your content based on your goals and the nature of your business.

How often should I publish new content?

As a rule of thumb, the higher the frequency, the better your odds of success and ranking high in search engine results. Most successful businesses publish new blog content about twice a week on average. At the least we recommend at least one new article per fortnight.

Can you help me come up with ideas on what to write about?

Yes, our content strategy and ideation services does exactly this. Based on your industry and goals, Lime researches and formulates a content strategy specifically for your business. Our specialists can recommend ideas for each piece of content.

How many revisions can I make?

You can make up to two rounds of revisions on each article. Thanks to our highly skilled writers, we find that most clients rarely ever go beyond two rounds of revisions.

The Internet is full of writers offering their services at much cheaper rates than yours. Why should we steer clear of their services?

This is a common question, that we ourselves have investigated by employing  writing services from several portals. Our tests have revealed the following drawbacks:

  • Little or no research to understand the subject matter, as the writer does not have time to invest, given their low rates
  • Repetitive, rambling content just to pad out the content to achieve a word count
  • Disjointed, difficult-to-follow text, with little or no logical progression from one sentence to the next
  • Poor composition of the content in terms of presentation of information from the introduction, description and calls for action
  • Little consideration about how the reader will understand and react to the content
  • Often being overseas based, no understanding of Australian culture and systems
  • Despite their claims, low understanding of SEO, which fails to improve search engine ranking, and might even hurt your site’s ranking
  • Inflexible management policies that do not choose the most appropriate writer for a subject
  • Little to no supervision and quality checks on writers’ work before submitting to the client
  • Disinterest in establishing an ongoing working relationship with a client, or learning about the client’s business goals, and the role of their work within the client’s overall marketing communication plan – your work is allocated to the next available writer who is given 15 minutes to churn something out before their next task.
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