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If you have ever scrolled through text on a website with barely a glance, you’ve experienced ineffective copy firsthand. But the time, effort, and money that you invest in your own business’s content might also be going to waste owing to low-impact writing, with sub-optimal structure, phrasing, and persuasiveness. Lime’s content editing service turns that around, giving you compelling copy that delivers next-level business results in terms of brand appeal, SEO, and persuasion.

What is content editing?
Why is content editing important?

Content editing is the systematic review of a specific piece of written content, to ensure that it is clear, cohesive, and capable of fulfilling a particular business objective. Whether for a webpage, blog article, social media post, ad text, or printed marketing collateral, content quality plays a crucial role in business success, extending far beyond just brand image. Here is why content editing is important:

  • Compelling copy is one of the biggest influencers of conversion rates – the percentage of people who are persuaded to take the action you’d like them to take (calling, filling out a form, visiting a store, clicking an ad, buying a product, etc) out of the total number who see your communication.
  • Low-impact copy burns your marketing dollars by missing out on persuading winnable prospects.
  • For online mediums, unoptimised copy can lead to bad search ranks, and low visibility in organic search.
  • Ineffective website or blog copy can lead to low time-on-page and high pogo-sticking metrics, damaging a site’s current and future search ranking prospects.

What does content editing include?

Lime’s professional content editing covers every aspect of a business’s written content, including:

  • Structure, flow, and lucidness
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Persuasiveness (based on principles of consumer psychology)
  • Consistency
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Distinctiveness (based on a review of your competitors)

Our experts will make every tweak necessary to optimise your copy for brand appeal, memorability, persuasion, and SEO.

Have content that needs to be significantly rewritten or expanded? No problem! Lime’s pro copy and content writing services have got you covered.

Why should I choose Lime to edit content for my business?

Here’s why it pays to have Lime on your team:

  • Professional writers and editors with years of experience
  • Deep expertise in consumer psychology, persuasion, and search engine optimisation
  • Australian reliability: no outsourcing to questionable overseas contractors who don’t understand Australian consumers or culture
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