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Lime Virtual Studio is a team of thinkers, dreamers and doers, who serve businesses like yours through outstanding marketing communication, propelling them from where they are to where they want to be. Amongst our people, we count writers, artists, designers, web developers, strategists, and production experts. Established at the turn of the millennium, we’ve helped hundreds of brands blossom and grow. Along the way, we’ve grown from strength to strength ourselves.


Marketing communication that helps your brand outperform – that’s what we do. From designing a logo for your business that’s just getting started, to building websites, improving SEO, crafting marketing collateral, or executing 360-degree campaigns for the Fortune 500 brand you manage, we have the experience and the know-how to deliver the results that help your business grow. Helping you make your brand bigger, stronger, faster – that’s our mission.


At Lime, we obsess a lot over ASPIC. Not the savoury jelly, but the five most crucial aspects of your business: your Audience, Services, Products, Industry, and Competitors. When we start collaborating, that’s where we begin – learning everything we need to know about your business.

It’s a process that never ends, because keeping ourselves continuously updated on these facets of your business is the only way we can function like your own internal marketing team. The result? Synchrony. The synergistic benefits of all of your internal and external communication being integrated by a partner who truly understands your brand.

As a one-stop shop for all your marketing communication needs, we take a holistic approach to brand building. In everything we do, we pay attention to both the big picture and the little details – sharpening your brand’s focus through captivating and consistent communication and design.

For you, this means a stronger brand that wins customers over and keeps them coming back for more. No more poorly aligned messaging and brand dilution owing to multiple designers, writers, developers and consultants who you would otherwise outsource to! For your customers, it means having a brand — your brand – that they can easily remember, relate to, and get behind.


There’s always a degree of apprehension and scepticism when choosing a marketing communications partner for your business. We get it. At Lime, we know that we can’t be all things to all people. If we see that we aren’t the best fit for your needs, we’ll talk ourselves out of the job.

We do this as much out of principle as good business practice, because we’re here for the long term; we understand that relationships are built when you do right by people. And relationships are what we value most.

“That’s not our problem”, is something you’ll never hear us say. Because we believe that the only way to grow our business is to help you grow yours. But don’t just take our word for it. See what a few of our clients are saying about us.

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