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Contrary to the notion that “nobody does print” in today’s digital world, newspaper and magazine readership has grown by as much as 63 percent over the last year, across Australia’s leading publications. Studies show that print remains one of the most effective mediums for marketing communication, delivering exceptional return on marketing investment. Lime’s highly experienced designers, copywriters, and marcom experts deliver print advertising services that enable your business to target precisely the right audience with precisely the right communication to captivate and persuade.

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What are the pros and cons of print advertising?

Depending on the circumstances and goals of your business, print advertising can give you a competitive edge or a boost in performance.

On the plus side:

Consumers perceive print ads as more trustworthy

With the low barriers to entry of internet advertising and the difficulty of distinguishing trustworthy versus questionable businesses, consumers naturally place a greater degree of trust in advertising that they see in print, versus ads they see online. This is especially an advantage if awareness of your brand is low in a particular market.

Print offers hyperlocal targeting

If your business offers dental insurance plans, for instance, or luggage, it makes sense to target consumers who are most likely to be interested in those products. Print advertising makes this possible, such as with an ad in magazines found, say, in a dentist’s waiting room or an in-flight magazine.

Print carries a premium appeal

A beautiful, well-designed ad in a newspaper or glossy magazine builds brand image and prestige in a way that most other mediums cannot.

On the flip side:

Higher investment

Running a print campaign can often cost more than an online campaign. Note that “higher investment” doesn’t necessarily mean “more expensive”, since print ads can also deliver higher effectiveness if done right. Nonetheless, cost can be an impediment for some businesses. (Should this be the case, Lime also offers affordable, expert online advertising services for businesses of all scales.)

Longer lead time

One can get an online ad campaign up and running in a matter of minutes (assuming the ‘creatives’, or images / videos and text for the ads are all ready), but newspaper and magazine ads have cut-offs that are days or weeks ahead of the publication date. (If you have no time to lose to run your campaign, be sure to check out Lime’s online advertising services.)

Why should I use Lime’s print advertising services?

In addition to 20+ years of expertise with crafting ads for businesses large and small, planning your campaign with Lime presents several advantages:

  • Deep understanding of communication, consumer psychology, and brand building, to produce creative, compelling communication
  • Flexibility to work on both, short and long term goals, pivoting from strategic, brand communication, to tactical, product-focused messaging for retail ads
  • Specialist know-how of the principles of design and copy, to produce layouts that are distinctive and eye-catching, with language that propels consumers through the stages of attention, interest, desire, and ultimately, action
  • Professionals who understand the technicalities of print production: you no longer need to worry about issues related to bleed, RGB vs CMYK formats, colour-trapped elements, and so on
  • Error-free artwork: save time and money by avoiding revision requests from the publisher due to files not matching their requirements

Our broad experience across mediums like print, digital, outdoor and more, ensures holistic design for campaigns that work across all platforms.

How much does it cost to advertise in newspapers / magazines in Australia?

There are typically two costs associated with advertising in a newspaper or magazine. One is the “media cost”, which refers to the publication’s fee for the ad space that they provide; the other is the “creative cost”, which is the fee charged by an agency or design professional to compose the ad with its text and/or images.

Card rates for advertising in Australian publications vary widely, based on circulation (number of readers), weekday, size, position, and number of editions. Publications also offer discounts based on the size of your spend: small, one-time buys attract no discounts, while large, six-figure ad spends can get discounts of 20 per cent or more.

For example, in The Australian, the newspaper with Australia’s highest readership, a 60 x 90 ad may cost as little as $200 to be published in just one edition on a weekday, whereas the same ad may cost as much as $3,000 if published nationwide on a weekend, or even higher if you require a specific page / position.

Fees for creative development vary with the campaign brief, based on factors such as whether photography is required, the complexity of the shoot, the use of models or stock images, the editing / compositing, the extent of copy, the number of creatives, and so on.

Lime offers accessible advertising services starting at just $90. With our friendly, interactive briefing tool, you can request a custom quote specific to your needs, in less than two minutes!

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