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The creative team at Lime's Melbourne office can help you through any or every stage in reaching out to your customer with our advertising services.

We can help you plan an extensive communication campaign, think creative concepts, write and design effective advertisements, or if you already know how and what to say – we can prepare your communication piece exactly to your specifications.

Our advertising services include:

• Print Advertising
• Direct Mail
• Outdoor Advertising

Print Advertising

The power of print advertising (be it in a newspaper, a magazine, the Yellow Pages® or any other publication) is undisputed.

The opportunity of your message being seen and noted is so strong, because the readers are interested in the news or articles they can read. We at Lime Virtual Studio help you communicate in the best way suitable to the kind of reader. Young mothers, busy executives, computer geeks, bargain hunters... daily we help our clients communicate to all types of people.

Retail advertising, corporate advertising, technical advertising, recruitment advertising... whatever the product or service you sell, Lime Virtual Studio can assist!

Direct Mail

There's direct mail and there's direct mail. Much of it quite wasteful.

Today's receiver of such mailers is quite sophisticated and aware of things like spam and junk.

So it's of great importance that your mailer is received with interest and a certain degree of built-in value. If that is not the case... it's into the wastebin!

Novelty and usefulness is the key. And we have a load of ideas up our sleeves!

Outdoor Advertising

People are travelling faster and faster and seeing less and less.

So the secret behind a billboard that works is the power of visual impact as one passes it by at 100 kilometres an hour. Not that pictures alone can do that... but words that work visually too!