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A recent Deloitte study found that Australian businesses obtained over $40 billion of economic value from their advertising. The evidence is clear: advertising boosts business growth. Lime’s experts deliver ads that get you noticed and get results.

Print Advertising

600+ newspapers. 1146+ magazines. Millions of ads. Make sure yours are what they remember.

Online Advertising

Connect with your customers, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, and whenever they’re ready.

Direct Mail

Google still uses direct mail to advertise its digital advertising to customers. Need we say more?

Outdoor Advertising

Get noticed. Grab eyeballs for your business in the most happening locations, nationwide.

Point of Sale

They’re already at check out. Shouldn’t they be checking out your business too?

Poster Design

Capture minds (and hearts) with creative messaging in virtually any size and location.

Advertising That Actually Works

(AKA, How To Win Customers And Influence Prospects)

It’s a problem that every business owner faces at one point or another: why aren’t I getting more customers? You’ve tried sprucing up your display windows, spiffing up your website, and putting the word out in all your social circles. And yet, growth numbers aren’t what you were hoping for. “These books don’t lie,” as your accountant says.

Enter, advertising, stage right. What you need is a bit of good ole’ AIDA – communication that grabs peoples Attention, holds their Interest, generates Desire, and propels them to Action.

Well, you’re in luck – you’ve come to the perfect place to boost your business with some AIDA rockets!

B2C / B2B advertising

You want your ads to drive folks to take some action. (Right?) The problem is, we’re all naturally lazy. Well, perhaps not you, but the rest of us are. So, as we described earlier, there’s a lot of resistance to doing anything, especially when it involves taking a risk to try something new.

Which means, if your ad has to get a response, it has to overcome this inertia and/or risk-aversion that we all have. Sometimes, this is possible in just one step — a single ad that takes the consumer through all four of the AIDA stages. Sometimes, it takes multiple steps — several nudges in the form of a campaign, each ad bringing the consumer one step closer to your goal post.

Exactly which strategy is appropriate for your business depends on who you are, what you’re selling, and who you’re selling to. This is where we come in. Our experienced team of advertising professionals understands the principles of persuasion and consumer psychology. We’ve worked in the ad industry for decades. We recognise what works, what doesn’t, and why. And, we’ll tell it to you like it is, fair dinkum.

Whether you’re planning just a single ad or a year-long campaign, when you sign up for advertising services with Lime, our team will help you craft ads that propel action, with the latest research-backed techniques.

Retail advertising

Retail advertising is a completely different kettle of fish, and the team at Lime recognises that. In the context of extremely well-recognised brands presenting highly topical messaging, such as sales that are here today, gone tomorrow, the rules are different.

Lime has extensive experience with retail advertising, and we appreciate the necessity of working layouts that focus prominently on product and price. Thanks to our robust and agile job management systems, we deliver quick turnarounds for the fast-moving pace of this business. Our retail ads workflow is built to accommodate rush jobs, revisions and last-minute changes (“There’s a delay with the distributor to store X, change this deal!”).

We’re also well-equipped with massive amounts of data storage capacity and high-speed retrieval, to access a well-catalogued library of product images, common design elements, logos, and templates, which allows us to rapidly deliver print-ready files in a wide variety of formats and sizes.

With our own digital marketing team, adapting any communication to formats for social media and other online channels is effortless, enabling holistic campaign execution. We’ve also developed a highly intuitive and predictable pricing structure, to allow you to plan ahead and/or assign new jobs without losing time waiting for quotes.

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