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Sell anything online


Let customers choose physical products, combos and variants on your online store


Get recurring sales from subscription products, services or content


Sell services, with appointment bookings and custom quote calculators


Enable third-party businesses to be listed, advertise and sell on your platform


Music, videos, e-books, apps – drive sales with any type of digital product


Sell to businesses, with sophisticated inventory- and order-management

Fuel growth with e-stores that make selling effortless
(and buying too)

There is a bewildering array of options for eCommerce Website Design, ranging from page-builders to shady developers to giant, exorbitant web agencies.

So why should you choose Lime?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s why:

Built for growth

Every website we build, whether for e-commerce or otherwise, is designed from the ground up to be scalable and flexible. We build sites with the world’s number one website and eCommerce platforms, WordPress and WooCommerce. We also partner with Shopify, Wix and Squarespace, providing expert design and development help.

Whatever stage your business is at today, you can rest assured that ramping up, down, or migrating to another platform, is always going to be simple and streamlined.

Hands-on eCommerce expertise

We’ve been building and managing eCommerce sites for our clients for over a decade. We know what works and what doesn’t, across different industries, and we ensure that you capitalise on that experience.

360-degree view

Elevate your eCommerce performance with our full-service approach to web development and marketing, which takes care of everything from content to SEO, lead generation, and strategy. We can semi-automate the production of a printed catalogue using your website data. Plus, save time and money through our unrivalled proprietary business automation that streamlines your customer liaison, staff management, shipping, accounting, stock control, and business planning.

Made in Australia

Lime has been headquartered in Melbourne since 2000. In that time, we’ve worked on thousands of projects for businesses large and small. We don’t outsource work to dodgy overseas contractors, preferring instead to keep things here in Australia.

Transparent pricing

When you sign up with Lime, it’s easy to understand what you’re paying for and why. We’ll never charge you for something that you don’t actually need and haven’t asked for – that’s a promise.

Solid customer support

We stand behind the sites we build, one hundred percent. If you require any assistance or need to alter content at your site, our team is always at hand to support you.

Next steps

Our done-for-you online stores take all the trial-and-error and frustration out of building a shopping cart system. Our automated ordering system shall guide you through choosing all the functionality you need from your eCommerce website.

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