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Catalogues are useful tools for a variety of businesses. From mail-order companies and clothing stores to tour operators and leather merchants – if you have a range of items to sell, a catalogue sells it best!

Depending upon the purpose your catalogue serves, the preferences of the end user may vary. Some people prefer to flick through printed catalogues while others prefer the search facilities of an electronic catalogue in PDF format. Lime Virtual Studio offers your business its services for both print and electronic catalogues. Electronic catalogues are particularly advantageous since they allow you to save on printing costs and update prices immediately online.

Several of our clients have also chosen to use our web design services to set up an online e-commerce store, since an ecommerce website doubles up as a catalogue while enabling customers to place orders and pay for your products instantly.

Cost-effective catalogues require a good, functional design, prudent art direction, and photographic planning. At Lime we have the technical expertise to prepare your catalogue in whatever format you choose. Please fill in our order form to describe your needs.

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