How we will work together


To instruct us about a project, please place an order by filling in a form. The information that you provide in this form will enable us to work on your project to your requirements. It is important that you provide us with clear descriptions of your requirements.


To signal your acceptance of our fee, our terms and conditions, as well as your authorisation to proceed on the job, we will request a non-refundable advance payment be paid before we commence work on your project. We accept credit card payments or direct deposits into our bank account.


When we receive your advance payment as well as information pertaining to your project, your job shall be entered into our system and we will commence work. We generally prepare all artwork in English, though translation and typesetting services in other languages are available.

When ready, we shall email you with details of how to view the work done.

You will have the opportunity to request changes be made. We will follow instructions from other members of your organisation, only if you have authorised us to do so. It is expected that you shall accept ultimate responsibility for these instructions.


When you finally approve our work, we will request that the balance owing on this project be paid up, to signal your approval. On full receipt of payment, we shall deliver our completed work. Webpages shall be made ‘live’ for public viewing. Other media, including high-resolution print artwork, will be either emailed or posted as appropriate.


Where another supplier will use our work to supply you with a service (such as a printer printing our artwork), it is important to carefully recheck a proof from the supplier’s proofing system, as it might reproduce differently from the proof we last supplied you with. Most differences are usually limitations from proofing systems, which do not affect the final job, but we advise you to confirm any doubt with the supplier. If in the unlikely event your supplier believes that there is an error with our work, please notify us immediately.


Lime Virtual Studio takes special care to archive the work that we prepare for you, as well as store backup copies offsite at a secret location. There is no charge for this, as it is part of our internal working procedures.

If you require us to send you another copy of the work, we do not guarantee successful retrieval from our archival system should there be equipment failure. An archive retrieval fee will apply for this service.

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