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At Lime Virtual Studio, we put focus and finesse into all we do! Below is a list of various products of our graphic design services.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding just as an individuals’ personality, is about the image with which your organisation can be identified. A company’s Corporate Identity is the group of attributes and values that it possesses – its personality, its reason for existence, its spirit and soul. The image reflected by the organisation’s personality will make the company identifiable and different from the rest.

Brochure & Flyers

A brochure or flyer is a powerful marketing tool. It is frequently the window through which potential customers first view your business to learn about its products or services. And because that first impression can make or break a sale, it is important to ensure that this document is professionally designed, has a strong impact on its recipients, and is consistent with your image.

Business Stationery

Business Stationery comprises a Letterhead, With Compliments Slip, and Business Card design.

Poster Design

Posters are there to instantly capture your attention delivering a message in a form that is simple and interesting. They can be of various sizes, large or small and viewed from afar or displayed within shops, at exhibitions or conferences. It is also a popular give-away prize item. A poster is useful in alerting a viewer to a particular subject. We can also print your posters.

Catalogue Design

Catalogues are useful tools for a variety of businesses. From mail-order companies and clothing stores to tour operators and leather merchants – if you have a range of items to sell, a catalogue sells it best! Depending upon the purpose your catalogue serves, the preferences of the end user may vary. Some people prefer to flick through printed catalogues while others prefer the search facilities of an electronic catalogue in PDF format.

Signage Design

We focus upon visibility, consistency, and uniqueness that is vital to a strong brand image. We believe that the functions of a signboard extend far beyond the announcement it typically bears. Innovative and strategically-designed signage can reinforce your brand image, impressing your presence upon the minds of your audience and turning potential customers away from competitors. Lime’s speciality is wrap-around signage for vehicles.

Logo Design

The importance of having a good logo design cannot be emphasized enough. A logo is more than just a work of art with your business name tagged on. The key purpose of your logo is to present the image of your organisation in a professional, unique, and memorable way. The internet is home to numerous websites with cheap templated logo designs – but do you really want the same logo that other businesses possess too?!


Most people hate manuals. Not because they don’t need them. But because they cannot read them. We believe a manual should be your right-hand person. Something that is there to refer to for help and guidance. Something you can understand instantly. It calls for specialised writing. Specialised visual aids. To help your customer get going and enjoying your product — no matter how deep into rocket science it may be.

Newsletter & Magazines

Newsletters have been proven to help businesses increase customer retention, heighten customer loyalty, and facilitate return sales. They even allow companies to keep in touch with their B2B stakeholders who have an on-going interest in the activities of the company and the products or services offered. Lime Virtual Studio’s experience with designing periodicals makes it the ideal agency to handle your newsletter design.

Packaging Design

Whether in the form of an attractive cardboard carton, plastic sleeve, or glass case, a professional packaging design can make your product look irresistible to customers. We at Lime Virtual Studio focus on producing an arresting and confidence-inspiring effect. With enticing graphics and catchy messages, we can help you sell anything from cornflakes to corn plasters.

Wall Graphics

Dynamise your business with wall graphics and wall murals from Lime Virtual Studio. Our wall graphics design services can help you establish an ambience that highlights any facet of your business. Whether you want to project an image of subtle sophistication or fill a room with vibrancy and vigour, we can help you by bringing your walls alive. The personality of a business is gauged through its atmosphere and appearance. 

Point of Sale

Point of Sale is the ultimate sales tool in an in-store marketer’s tool box! Whether you want to announce special discounts or offer product samples and prizes, an attractive and innovative POS display will be the magnet that draws your customers to your product.