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Make your brand easy to understand and impossible to ignore

Looking for creativity that can move customers and transform business? Whatever the challenge, Lime’s design team can help.

Logo Design

Distinctive logos for your business, sub-brands, or products.

Corporate Identity

End-to-end visual brand architecture, from logos to uniforms.

Business Stationery

Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and more, with your bespoke branding.


Inform and impress with persuasive mini-magazines for your brand / products.


Help customers buy with attractive, easy-to-use product catalogues


Wall-mounted, stand-off, illuminated – we design every type to get noticed


Creative messaging in virtually any size for any location

Manuals & Guides

Develop world-class instructional and training material

Annual Reports

Impress stakeholders and associates with engaging, lucid organisation reports


Get your brand on their desks or walls, year-round, with branded calendars

Pull-up Banners

Portable roller banners with custom graphics take your brand anywhere


Brief leaflets and handouts with key information about your brand / products

Newsletter & Magazines

Keep your audience up to date and show off your expertise and leadership


Eye-catching branded packaging that sells: boxes, bags, stand-up pouches and more

Wall Graphics

Brand your physical spaces with custom decals and graphics for the walls

Point of Sale

They’re already at check out. Shouldn’t they be checking out your business too?

What to look for when hiring a graphic designer

The Australian Graphic Design Association lists seven important criteria to consider when evaluating a graphic design agency.

Professional chemistry: No matter how good a designer is, producing strong design work that benefits your business is only possible when the relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. This way, the designer contributes skills, talent and experience, while the client contributes their understanding of their industry – together, they make a strong team that can craft powerful, effective communication. Many of our clients tell us that we’re easy to work with.

Understanding client needs: Opinions on design can often be subjective, and putting preferences into words isn’t always easy. So, a good designer will not only understand your needs, they’ll also help you discover unexpressed or unanticipated requirements. Our proprietary graphic design Briefing Assistant helps you decode your design needs to arrive at a clear-cut, actionable brief.

Design process: Many designers can come up with good work every now and then, but the truly professional ones consistently deliver exceptional work, time after time. It all comes down to having an effective process and workflow. In Lime’s 20+ years of operation, we’ve honed our procedures to arrive at a robust, reliable design process.

Track record: Designers come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but it’s certainly a lot easier to evaluate them when they have a substantial body of work to show for themselves.

Fee structure: This is often an outcome of having a good process, as mentioned above. A good designer will have consistent, transparent and proportional pricing. Our graphic design Briefing Assistant not only helps you arrive at an accurate estimate, it also makes pricing easy to understand, with no surprises or hidden costs.

Value for money: Paying a million dollars for a logo redesign may be something that Pepsi managed to justify to their shareholders, but most businesses have more tenable expectations, and rightly so.

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