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At Lime Virtual Studio, we put focus and finesse into all we do! Below is a list of various products of our graphic design services:

Annual Report

An annual report is much more than an audited statement or dressed up balance sheet of your company. It is a powerful tool for corporate image building and needs to be in the hands of an experienced designer.

The responsibility for arranging the contents and presenting it in a format and layout that is logical, structured and well formatted is the role of the designer. We focus on using the right visual imagery, corporate style of the business (colours, fonts etc) and the appropriate tone of voice. By coming up with a great cover design to reflect your company's Corporate philosophy or which reflects the performance of the year in review.


A calendar is one of the best ways to promote your business every day, all through the year!

Nothing is more welcome than a calendar. As long as it is useful and has appropriate content. Pin-ups, recipes, jokes, wild life... all have their rightful places.

And of course, size also matters. Do you want them as a pocket calendar? Wall calendar? As a swimsuit calendar? Desktop calendar? Fridge magnet? Perhaps you want it for your gym as a sports calendar?

Greetings Cards

Greeting cards can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with past customers. Reminding them of the time that has rolled on since their purchase of that fridge, washing machine or lawn mower... it could be a gentle way to remind them if they do need to upgrade while making them feel loyalty could be rewarded with attractive discounts / specials. Its also a nice way to make them feel appreciated. Birthday cards, holiday greeting cards, special festive cards... anything that puts a smile on your customers face can give your business a tickmark.


Most people hate manuals.

Not because they don't need them. But because they cannot read them. We believe a manual should be your right-hand person. Something that is there to refer to for help and guidance. Something you can understand instantly.

It calls for specialised writing. Specialised visual aids. To help your customer get going and enjoying your product — no matter how deep into rocket science it may be.

Post Card

Ever wanted to do a quick promotion or giveaway but didn't have an elaborate budget for the advertising.

Well this is where a postcard could come in handy. Just advertise your event, special deal or any other newsworthy item (for instance if you have moved locations or opened a new branch) in a few simple words and wait for the cash register to start ringing.

Promotions and Giveaways

Product promotions usually involve giving away something free or with a purchase. From bumper stickers, fridge magnets (with your logo or slogan or both). Or pens, keychains, mugs etc. Even online giveaways.

There are so many different types of business promotion ideas these days that your company can benefit from. Lime Virtual Studio can assist you in the promo item suggestion and design as well. As always we will keep in mind your budget and the intended occasion / purpose.