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A recent study by Google found that effective product photography can increase ecommerce revenue by 40%. Offline too, printed marketing materials are vital sales tools, with alluring product images being at the heart of it all. Clearly, a great picture is worth a thousand sales. Lime’s product photography service captures the most compelling aspects of your products, to entice customers and boost your sales.

Why do I need professional product photography for my business?

Every successful seller knows this old saying: if you think a professional product shoot is expensive, wait until you try to sell your products without one. Here’s why prioritising great product photography makes business sense:

  • Research shows that consumers consider product images to be the most important factor influencing their purchase decision.
  • One out of every five e-commerce returns is attributed to the product not being as shown in the images. Product returns are a leading driver of losses, representing additional logistics costs, damaged brand reputation, customer service overheads, and often, wasted marketing dollars on customer acquisition.
  • One out of every three online shoppers report abandoning purchases due to inadequate product images (less than five images per product), with unsuitable lighting, distracting backgrounds, and amateur retouching cited as making a brand seem unprofessional.
  • In addition to poor customer experience and bad conversions, improperly optimised image files also lead to blurry pictures or slow loading images, with the associated penalties in search engine rankings, reduced organic traffic, and lost sales.
  • Printed marketing collateral looks unprofessional due to low-resolution images that are pixelated or blurred.
  • Professionally-shot images are digitally enhanced, colour-corrected, and cleaned, for results that cannot be matched by amateur setups.
  • Often the product needs to be “isolated”, by digitally removing the background. Without advanced skills and a proper understanding of lighting and shadows, as well as detailed contouring, such images will look artificial and unconvincing, reducing consumer confidence and conversions.

What does product photography cost in Australia?

The cost-per-image for product photography varies widely based on the physical size, the number of faces, and the complexity of the product. Product categories with special requirements, such as food or jewellery, generally also cost more than simpler products like stationery or hardware.

Why should I choose Lime for my product photography?

Quite aside from delivering vivid images that truly capture the beauty of your products, here are just a few of the key benefits to having Lime on the job:

More than just the boring product shot

A flat-lit shot on a plain white background might be fine for Amazon, but for brands that wish to go places, that’s really the bare minimum. Shoppers expect to be surprised, and through our world-class lighting and custom backdrops, we craft product shots that people can’t help but stare at.

Specialist know-how and setup

Many can take good photographs, but it takes experience and expertise to shoot products in a way that captures the unique aspect of each product. In addition, it is vital to maintain consistency of presentation with the overall lineup, collection, and parent brand. At Lime, our years of experience lets us deliver unvaryingly high-quality product images, no matter how unconventional your product is.

Our studio lamps are set to a colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin to capture true colour. Our softbox lights and umbrellas help avoid harsh lighting. Our huge, 2-sqm light tent as well as an infinity curved background, provide seamless space around your product, soft, subtle shadows, and prevent unwanted reflections (particularly on glossy surfaces).

With our hands-on knowledge of print production, we handle everything from clipping-paths to colour-correction and sharpened product edges to deliver print-perfect images suited to each specific technology, from digital to offset printing. We also provide photo retouching services, should your products have any imperfections that need to be touched up.

Images optimised for the web

There’s a lot more to image optimisation than just relying on a website or software to automatically resize images. Through our proprietary image compression workflow, we deliver ultra-lightweight image files. So, whether your users browse on a mobile screen or a 4K display, the detail in your products look sharp and your site loads quickly.

More conversions through better insights

Selling online is all about anticipating user needs. You have literally a couple of seconds before a user will give up and exit the site. Thanks to our extensive experience with consumer-centric thinking, we anticipate what product details would interest your customers, so we take additional closeup shots, or shots to illustrate important and unique aspects of the product.

Superior integration through our holistic approach

Being a one-stop-shop for all marketing communication needs – from websites to digital ads, marketing funnels, and email marketing – we stitch everything together. Whether you choose Lime for a single task, or a broad-reaching campaign, we’ll be sure to deliver that 1+1 = 11 effect for your brand.

We can also connect you to trusted partners to handle other types of shoots, including corporate photography, shoots with models, and more. Just use our interactive wizard below to request a custom quote in just a few clicks.

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