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Security Essential

Regular scans for any suspicious activity

The entire website is scanned for malware, faulty URLs, backdoors, malicious redirects and code injections.

Locks out multiple failed logins

Blocks the IP address of a user after some failed login attempts for a set number of hours.

Instant blocking of common username logins

Hackers who attempt to login with usernames such as ‘admin’ or ‘user’ are instantly locked out.

Monitoring of admin sign-ins

We check with you if someone unexpectedly signs in with your username (such as from another country).


with all sites we build and host

Security Advanced

2FA Authentication

Two-factor authentication that confirms your login on a paired device.


reCAPTCHA v3 to validate whether the login attempt is from a human or bot. Also installed on all contact forms to control automated spam.

Domain & Server IP Blocklist Checks

Checking third-party blocklists to ensure your site is not listed for containing malicious content, spamvertizing, or sending spam.

Synchronous Threat Intelligence

Instant protection from the latest hacking techniques discovered over a network of 4 million+ websites worldwide.

Code Integrity Analysis

Checking all site code for modifications that are not part of the original programming.

Disguises Website Files Locations

Hiding the common paths to website code to slow hacker advances, and confuse amateur hackers.

Simulate a Different Web Development Platform

Further confuse hackers by making them believe that the website is built on another system.

Speed-optimised caching

Content caching and script minification for fast webpage loading.

$35 + GST

per month
($420 + GST charged annually)



Security Essential

Security Advanced +

Cloud-based PCI Compliant Firewall

Hackers are blocked by a cloud-based Firewall, so only permitted traffic will filter through to your web hosting server. This reduces the hosting server load by approximately 80%.

Brute-force & DDoS Attack Protection

Prevents your web service from being slowed to a crawl and then suspended due to an overwhelming flood of traffic caused by a botnet.

Track User Activity

Log all logged-in user’s activities to enable sabotage investigations.

Immobilise Pingbacks

Disables XML-RPC access to prevent the risk of a DDoS attack which can bring your site down.

Source Code Obfuscation

Disenables the ability to inspect elements for reverse engineering of the website construction.

SEO Spam Scanning

Detecting outbound links to spammy websites which in turn would penalise your website.

Disavowing Toxic Backlinks

Providing Google with disavow lists of inbound links from banned and penalised sites. Often these are caused by dubious SEO providers who use link farms for quick but short-term gains; or could even be deliberately arranged for by competitors in order to bring about a demotion of your website ranking.

Web Content Copy Protection

Fight against plagiarism by preventing the public from copying your text and images directly from the web browser.

Block AI Web Crawlers

Disallow the GPTBot user agent from scraping your website in order to train AI models.

Up to 60% Faster Website

Increased web speed on a globally distributed Anycast network.

Daily Off-site Backups

Your entire website including its database is backed up to a remote storage location. In the event of your site being infected, the simplest solution to recovery is to restore a clean backup prior to the hacking. Restorable backups are also useful if an update to the website causes the website to crash; if the web host suddenly ends their service; or if there is an irrecoverable problem resulting from human error.

$95 + GST

per month
($1140 + GST charged annually)



Security Essential
Security Advanced
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