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Designing and developing a website for today's world is a complex task.

Visitors are impatient and click-happy. Too much to read? Click. Too long to wait? Click. You've got 4 seconds to convince them they'll find something of value on the website.

Meanwhile search engines want the opposite – the more content about a subject, the more proof of relevance. Desktop computers display on 30 inch widescreens; mobile phones are restricted to 5 inches. Some browsers display webpages as intended; others need special code.

Our considerations while developing a website

How can we enhance the Company's image?
Is the content relevant?
Does it grip the attention of the web visitor?
Does it stimulate action?

Web Design

At Lime we offer two solutions for website design:

1. We discuss your requirements, then specially design and build a unique website from scratch which is specific to your needs OR;

2. You choose from a HUGE range of ready-made website designs (over 13,000 of them!!), then we customise the chosen design to become your very own website using your own supplied logo, pictures and text.

The advantage of option 1 is that you receive something very specifically you, designed to your standards and which matches all your other marketing material. With this we can maintain complete consistency with your corporate branding. However this can be a longer process which may cost more.

The advantage of option 2 is that with the design and template already prepared, we can set up your site very fast. Also with so many design options to choose from (alongwith with live demos to view), you get a very good idea of what your site shall be like before we start work. The downside is that being a ready made template, there may be certain functionality or effects that cannot be achieved.

Whichever option you choose, you are assured of high quality design that is standards compliant, cross-browser compatible and search engine friendly.

Web Development

Lime's main goal in website construction is to ensure that visitors can find the information they want quickly. The way the content of a website is presented can make or break your business and that's why we build websites incorporating fundamental features such as forms with data validation, site-generated email inquiries, database driven content, personalization, ecommerce solutions (shopping carts) and CMS (Content Management Systems).

Be it a large corporate information based website or an online store for a small start-up retailer, we can deliver precisely what you need. Being a one-stop communications shop, we understand how your website is a vital tool in business, so we work with our design and marketing team to ensure that the technicalities don't come in the way of your customer experience, and that your site complies with SEO requirements.

Should you already have your website designed by a graphic design studio, we can work with your graphic designers to build your web pages to their specifications.

Our web development team collectively have many decades of experience, some originating back to the 1990s when the internet first became commercially viable! Our programmers can hand code in HTML and PHP using MySQL server databases, or we can work with all popular template based systems such as WordPress.

Domain Registration

You can register all popular domain types for your website, right here at Lime Virtual Studio. Visit our domain registration section to search and apply for a domain name.

Web Page Maintenance

At Lime we recommend keeping content fresh on the website as updated content impresses customers. In addition, updated content helps with higher search engine ranking results. As your web developer, we encourage you to discuss with us all the special features at the start, so we can make provisions for it early, making it easier to implement downstream.

The more convenient you make it for your visitor to get what they came for – whether buying a product, searching for a service or just obtaining information, the more likely your site is to succeed.