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Choosing an appropriate website designer and developer can be a daunting task, when you have never owned a website before and are unsure of the entire process. Below are answers to some common questions new clients ask us, which we hope shall clarify some queries you may have.

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I am unsure of what type of website design I like, please show me some samples of websites that you have developed.

Please view our portfolio section for examples of our website work completed for our clients. You may also like to view our vast range of functioning demo websites that display over 13,000 template designs which we could personalise for your website.

There is so much choice amongst the web designs – can you help me make a decision?

Yes we can. Lime provides a free service in helping you find the most appropriate design. Simply fill in our questionnaire so we can understand your needs, then we shall provide you a short list with our recommendations.

There is little or no choice of designs in my industry category. What can you do?

The categorisation of the web designs by industry are only to help visualise the suitability of a template. Fact is most of our template designs can apply to any industry – change the pictures to those relevant to your business, insert your own text and logo, and the website will look like your very own!

I like a design from a third party template provider – can you develop my website using that template?

Yes we can work with templates from other suppliers, provided the templates are professionally developed. We have accounts with several popular providers, so we may be able to purchase your chosen template on your behalf.

Can I change the pictures, colours and website navigation structure of a chosen design?

Yes we can certainly personalise your website.

What type of template customisation has an extra fee?

If you wanted to rearrange the size and position of elements on a page then this could require some effort in alterations to the coding and redesigning. As our package prices are set very low, we cannot absorb the cost of time in adjusting programming code then testing. We shall do our best to accommodate all your requests, but may need to quote an extra fee based on the complexity of the change.

I have a specific design in mind and I like certain elements and features from different designs. Can you build me a website that incorporates all of these?

We probably can. Depending on your requirements, we may need to custom build your website.

Do I own copyright on a ready made design that I choose?

The copyright message that may be displayed at your website relates to your content in the site. However, unless we alter the design to the extent that your website looks very different to the original template, you do not own copyright to the design of the site. If you want to prevent the template from being used by others in the future, it can be purchased so that it is removed from the gallery of templates. Contact us for a price on the template you want.

Can the pictures displayed in the live demo website be used in my website?

Yes the pictures in the demo templates that are displayed at our website are available for use in your website. These however cannot be used amongst your other marketing material such as brochures.

Are the templates mobile user friendly (responsive)?

A growing number of the templates are built to be responsive where the webpages automatically adjust their appearance according to the screen size be it a large desktop screen or a small mobile phone. When viewing the live demo versions of the web designs, you can test how they look on smaller screens by reducing the width of your browser window, or better still view them on your mobile device.

Can I host my website elsewhere?

Yes the website we prepare for you can be hosted on any server that provides MySQL database and PHP support.

Can you provide free registration for any domain? And for a longer term?

We can register most domain extensions of the world inlcuding the new descriptive type TLDs. Our packages cover the cost of registering a .com or domain for one year. We will quote on the cost difference for another domain extension of your choice and / or longer term.

How much do you charge for web hosting and domain renewals?

The annual fee for web hosting and .com / renewals totals $200 + GST

I need more webpages than allowed for in your package.

Lime can set up any amount of additional pages for a quoted fee, otherwise you could set them up yourself for free if your website is based on a Content Management System (CMS) or if you understand HTML.

What CMS do you use.

Lime recommends WordPress and WooCommerce. We can also develop websites using other popular Content Management Systems.

How many products can there be listed at my online store?

You can have close to an unlimited amount of products at your website.

What payment options can I offer my customers?

We can set up your website to support the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Deposit
  • Credit Card

We can set up a payment gateway that you choose. We recommend PayPal for small startup businesses because unlike most other payment gateways, they do not charge monthly fees. You only pay a small percentage for every transaction.

Note, your customers do NOT need to register a PayPal account to provide their credit card details.

Will my website be listed amongst the search engines?

Yes your website will be listed, unless your domain was previously black-listed. There is however no guarantee that your site shall be ranked high amongst the listings. Your ranking depends on your competitors' efforts, your website popularity, content relevance and the search engine's latest algorithms. Our advanced SEO services may be required.

Can I edit and maintain my website?

Yes you can. If the website design you choose is based on a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or Joomla, then you can edit, delete and prepare new pages yourself. For non CMS based websites, you need to understand HTML and PHP code.

Do you provide training in how to edit my website?

Every CMS based website that we prepare is provided with documentation to help you understand the settings. We encourage you to explore the backend settings of your site to familiarise yourself with it. Should you still require our assistance in understanding the system, we can provide training for a fee. Our training is not intended to be a course on professional website development – certain technical details may be too complicated to explain, so some alterations may be best left for us to manage for you.

What support do you provide?

At Lime we value long term business relationships. We are here to assist with all of your marketing communication needs as and when they arise any time in the future.

Are there any regular ongoing fees for my website?

There are NO monthly website development maintenance fees. If and when in the future you require us to carry out any changes to your site, then we will only charge a fee based on the work required. The only ongoing fees are your domain name and web hosting renewals.


If you have a query that is not addressed above, please contact us, and we promise to answer it promptly.