Web Hosting

Lime has developed long term partnerships with some very reliable web hosting providers located within Australia and the US. These web hosts have a proven success record, enabling fast loading websites with 99.9% uptime assurance and prompt efficient support.

Lime's web hosting deals include a fixed annual fee with no limit on traffic nor website space. If you need a new website, our website development packages include FREE hosting for the first year too!

We can also organise email addresses with the same domain name as that of your website.

Cheap web hosting

Lime's standard webhosting fee is $175 +GST per annum. Webhosting is a highly competitive business and the internet is full of ridiculously cheaper deals. We however advise caution should you choose to organise your own web host. There can be numerous ramifications.

Most webhosts entice you with cheap rates initially, and then raise their prices to exorbitant amounts later at the time of renewal. Generally the cheaper the cost, the higher risk of an unreliable hosting service or hidden costs. There could be additional fees if the website exceeds an allocated amount of space, or if the amount of website visitors exceed a set limit or. Even worse – some hosts instead shut the website from public viewing for the remainder of a month till the traffic limit is reset.

A common consequence of cheap hosting is the slow display of a website. When the host loads too many other websites onto a server, the total number of visitors simultaneously visiting these websites could put excessive pressure on the server thereby causing it to run slow. Cheap hosts also tend to not maintain their servers adequately, so a server may frequently crash resulting in the website being down each time.

With poor server maintenance there is also potential for hackers to break in without detection, as the host may not have updated their systems to fix the latest known vulnerabilities.

Advanced website hosting needs

Please enquire about additional needs that you may have for your web hosting, such as SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address.