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Lime is a Melbourne SEO company. We are well experienced in all areas of internet marketing and can help you be found online within Melbourne, all around Australia and even worldwide!

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves taking certain steps so that your website can be found high up the organic (free) search engine listings.

With more than a billion web sites world wide competing to be found first, SEO is a serious business requiring up to date knowledge about search engine systems; regular monitoring of yours and competitor websites; and focused efforts on continuous improvement.

For a website to be found on internet search engines such as Google, the most basic requirement is for the site’s web pages to contain relevant keywords specified within the web page code and certain key areas of the textual content. When competition is high, the popularity of the website is of extreme importance – the amount of visitors and the links from relevant 'quality' websites. There are also numerous technical factors about the website construction which can affect its ranking.

Lime's SEO Services

We use an seo check-list comprising 200 ranking factors to take a proven methodical approach in getting you higher up the search engine listings as soon as possible. Lime's SEO services include the following:

SEO Audit

If your website has not been developed by us, our first step is to carry out an SEO Audit. This audit determines how much SEO work your website developer may have already done, or if there are certain issues with how the website has been designed or constructed which are not search engine friendly. If the latter, we will itemise our recommendations which you could arrange for your developer to fix, or alternatively Lime's own website design team can assist.

Targeted Keywords

SEO is largely based on the keywords that a target audience uses to find you. Lime helps you choose the most approriate keywords after analysing data of how often they are used by your prospective visitors, and the level of competition.

It is important to select the most effective keywords, as otherwise it would be wasted effort for your site to rank well for words that your target audience are not searching.

It is also important to consider how your competitors are targeting such keywords. If they are doing it well, then it may blow your budget in trying to compete, so it may be prudent to focus on a different sequence of keywords.

Onsite Content Optimisation

There are certain procedures that must be carried out to convince search engines about the relevance of your website to the targeted keywords. At a basic level it involves using the keywords amongst webpage code and the textual content. If competition is high, or your website is large, there could be more work involved to be ahead of the rest.

If your website is developed by us, some of this optimisation work shall already have been done while we built your website.

Link Building

Search engines such as Google consider the popularity of your website when determining its ranking. Popularity is gauged by the amount of links pointing to your website from 'quality' websites. Lime provides a monthly service in locating and recommending such sites.

Analytics Reporting

Lime provides an easy to follow report on your website performance. It analyses your website visitors – how people found your site; whether they were locals from Melbourne or elsewhere in the world; what they were searching for; how many pages they visited; which pages they viewed and for how long.

The purpose of an analytics report is to monitor the effectiveness of your website and marketing strategy. With these details, you can determine what is working and which areas can be improved on. The report helps you understand your website visitors better, and observe trends.

Why choose Lime for your SEO?

There are many unscrupulous 'experts' who attempt to solicit with misleading promises, and who use black hat techniques that damage your site's reputation.

At Lime, we aim to be your long term business partner who care for your business as much as you do, so all our efforts are in both of our best interests.

Our focus is always on your customers – how they perceive your business, and that your communication achieves its objectives (in most cases to generate interest and thereby motivate a sale). However most SEO providers get so caught up with search engine criteria, that they may bring a site to the first listed position, but bore your customers away with lengthy repititive content.

Lime being a one stop shop for marketing communication in Melbourne recognises that its SEO services are just one relatively small part of a marketing mix, and hence must not work in isolation.

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