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Whatever your business may be, professional product photography will help you make the transition from having a product to sell to selling the product you have.

It takes intimate knowledge of composition, the skillful play of lighting and shadows, experienced photo editing, professional equipment, and a sense of style to take a good product photograph. At Lime Virtual Studio, we have years of experience photographing and touching up products. No matter how unconventional your product may be, we'll snap it up in its pristine perfection and highlight its essence – ready for you to showcase on your marketing material or website.

We use special studio flash lamps that give out steady white light at a perfect temperature of 5.5° Kelvin, carefully positioned to light up your product without strong reflections nor harsh shadows. Our huge 2 square metre light tent fills the surroundings around your product with ambient light, resulting in soft subtle shadows.

We understand the technicalities of print-production, so can provide clipping-paths, colour-correct and sharpen the product edges to best suit the medium of reproduction. We also provide photo retouching services, should your products have certain defects that need to be touched up.

To employ our services, you'll need to arrange for your products to be dropped off and picked up from our studio at Port Melbourne. Or if the products can't be moved, it may be possible for us to travel to your premises to photograph on location if you are located in Melbourne. To get started, please fill in our order form, let us know the type of products to be photographed, the quantity and whether a series of photographs are required – like from various angles, close-ups, opened and closed views etc. We usually photograph against a white background, however can provide various coloured backdrops.

Should you require other type of photography other than product photography, we may be able to arrange these services.