Interactive Multimedia GraphicInteractive Multimedia

Multimedia represents the convergence of text, pictures, video and sound into a single form.

Seminars and Conferences

Electronic multimedia is a valuable and useful tool for seminars and conferences. Sound, visuals and movement converge to help create impactful presentations to audiences that can number from 10 to 10,000.

What's more, the multimedia presenter has a choice of also being part of the interactive experience — by being in control of what he or she presents. Interactive presentations can be easily displayed from a laptop via a projector and viewed on the projector screen.

Sales Presentations

Sales presentations can come in many formats. While Powerpoint presentations are the norm, they are often too limiting and can sometimes appear monotonous!

At Lime, we will always ensure your presentation comes across as fresh. Alive. And powerful.

Everything we do is aimed at making your presentation a huge success!


Lime is a creative multimedia company that can provide a complete range of multimedia services that meet a variety of corporate needs including interactive touch screen kiosks.

DVD Authoring

DVD presentations give you the edge of being in many places at one time.

Your sales pitch or product story remains perfect and powerful every time. Combined with video clips, sound effects, voice-over commentary and enhanced interactivity, a presentation of this type is excellent for delivering a detailed presentation at the user's pace.

Ideal for mailing to prospects. Great if you have a sales force of hundreds — and you wish to have them all to speak with one voice.