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What is a Design Audit?

A design audit is a review of all the visual elements used by a business amongst all of its marketing material — advertisements, brochures, website, signage, stationery, vehicle graphics, catalogues, newsletters and so on.

It examines the consistency of visual style and message. Does it look impressive? What message is being presented? Is it consistent with the company marketing goals and strategic plan? Is the level of production quality where it should be?

Why is a Design Audit important?

The visual materials produced by a company is a key factor in how it is perceived by its market and other audiences. Your company's image is very important in any buying decision. Potential customers (and even your staff) sub-consciously form a perception about your company based on many visual aspects such as your logo, company name, website, staff uniforms, fleet graphics, brochures and business stationery. The list is long, but it is important that everything reflects your corporate identity or brand image.

Why is consistency important?

A uniform consistent presentation of your business not only supports in providing a stable company image, but aids in brand recall — a growing familiarity with your business presence in the marketplace.

Psychologically, repetition changes one's thought patterns in favour of what is being repeated. For example when your company is seen 'everywhere' and is recognised as being the same (amongst your product packaging, online presence, company vehicles seen on the road, trade magazine advertisements, correspondence etc), together these develop a trust in your company brand, which in turn contributes toward convincing one to become AND remain a buyer.

What shall be the result of your business design audit?

The objective

The objective of the audit is to gain a greater understanding of the effectiveness of the marketingmaterial of your company, and how it sits and communicates within your industry sector.

The procedure

Your design audit shall commence with the collection of all marketing material that your business presents to your customer. We shall learn from you what your company vision, mission and values are.

Our marketing design team shall compile all this together to analyse holistically. We shall systematically compare our findings against your objectives and company strategy. Further, we shall compare this against your competition's approach.

The deliverable

The results of our analysis shall be delivered to you in a report.

How would this audit benefit you?

Armed with our report, you shall have a professional opinion on how your company image is being projected and whether this matches with how you want your customer to perceive the business.

It shall help you plan the implementation of design at a strategic level in your marketing communication.