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Comprehensive Online Store Solutions

With majority of today’s consumers choosing online stores for convenient shopping, a functional eCommerce website design is essential to facilitate buying. Online shoppers are increasingly sophisticated, seeking to quickly identify the best product at the best price. When they visit your web store, they expect to instantly locate their choice and place an order effortlessly.

Providing a quality shopping experience starts well before your customer discovers your website, and continues long after checking out from the shopping cart.

It requires you to market your products from as many platforms as you can – such as social media, referral programs, and large online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Comprehensive SEO is vital.

When a customer visits your e-commerce website, your business must appear professional, trustworthy, and prompt. Once committed to purchase, nothing must come in the way of completing the sale – no complicated terms nor unexpected additional costs. Confirmation emails should be sent to assure the customer of a genuine purchase and rapid delivery.

You could gain repeat business by keeping in touch with your customer and encouraging their loyalty. This is often done by providing informative articles and promotional offers via social media, eletters and other types of advertising media.

Why Lime for Online Store Website Design?


We have helped setup numerous online stores. Having being directly involved with online selling, we understand the challenges in sourcing products, monitoring the market, persuasive selling, maintaining stock, delivering promptly and promoting repeat business. So we work with you being accommodating during the entire web development process, suggesting additional functionality where we believe appropriate, recommending design adjustments for a better customer experience, and proposing software enhancements to assist with efficient systems implementation.


Lime is not just a web design company, but a complete marketing communications specialist. We focus on how your business communicates with your customers and offer a range of services to aid this communication, starting with logo design, brand building, advertising it on various media, preparing brochures and catalogues, product photography, through to building stores on multiple platforms such as eBay and Facebook, maintaining contact with your customers on social media and direct mail.

Accordingly we design and develop your webstore to fit in with your overall communication objectives.


Our e-commerce sites have all the facilities you need – from shopping carts and inventory systems to product galleries, payment gateways, and shipping calculators.


We take immense pride in our work and are committed to giving you the best. Lime Virtual Studio will endeavour to build you a website that is compelling in design and content, easy to navigate, intuitive to use, and truly a pleasure to shop with.

Demo Ecommerce Templates

Admin access with CMS
Add, edit and remove products, check online orders and control all its features by logging into a Content Management System.
Sell Unlimited Products
List as many products as you want and that the system can handle – theoretically 64TB of data!
FREE SSL Certificate
Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) installation using open certificate authority (CA) Let’s Encrypt. SSL is necessary for increased security protection, and it helps with your ranking on Google.
Flexible Shipping Fee Calculator
Intelligent shipping fee calculations with conditional logic. Calculate based on weight, size, location, quantity, sale value etc. Or incorporate a calculator provided by your shipper.
Multiple Payment Methods
Customers can pay for your products by credit card, EFT, instalment plans, cheque and COD.
Inventory Management
Receive notifications before your products sell-out when the stock levels fall below a threshold.
Responsive mobile friendly layouts
Your web pages automatically resize to the size of the viewer’s screen, be it a large plasma TV or a mobile device.
Customer Order Records
Access customer records online, as well as receive notifications by email.
List / Grid Gallery Views
Most ecommerce website templates display galleries of products in a grid view. Choose instead to enable the listing in rows to include product descriptions.
Social Media Sharing
Enable shoppers to inform others of the items you sell.
Multiple Product Categories and Attributes
Categorise your products for customers to locate easily. Conveniently present multiple attributes such as various colours and sizes within one listing.
Specials Section
Every shopper likes a bargain. Display all marked down products in Specials section in addition to their regular product categories.
Professional Product Photography
Present your products professionally in high resolution with a uniform consistent lighting and appearance.
Additional Product Views
Display additional photos of products. These can be different angles, close-ups, color and size variations etc. Research reveals that customers are more motivated to buy when able to ‘virtually examine’ the product.
Customer Login / Registration
Enable customers to register for convenient access in the future.
Sales Analysis
Analyse and monitor trends with sales reports.
Professional Content Writing
Provide clear product information and motivate the reader to buy. Also incorporate keywords to enable effective SEO.
Google Webmaster and Analytics integration
Monitor your website traffic and respond to any notifications from Google about your website.
Promotional Coupon Codes
Market your business on other media, then encourage sales by providing secret promotional codes that give additional benefits to the customer (such as discounted prices or free shipping).
Separate Wholesale / Member Pricing
Display special prices for a specific group of customers who are provided exclusive login access.
Currency Switching
Enable the customer to view product prices in different currencies (can also change automatically using Geolocation), with real time rate conversions. Customers can also pay in the selected currency.
Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
Recommend more profitable products as well as bundled offers.
eBay, Amazon, Catch and Etsy Integration
Automatically list your webstore products at marketplaces with synchronised inventory updates.
Facebook Integration
Embed your online store at Facebook to attract users on one of the most frequented sites of the internet.
Import Product Data – populate the webstore automatically
Import product details including pictures and prices from a spreadsheet or even another ecommerce website platform.