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According to Neilsen Corporation, the global marketing research firm, earning consumer trust is the holy grail of a successful ad campaign. Expand that to “The success of a business is only as strong as its consumers’ trust” and you’ve identified one of the most powerful pillars of the business world.

With hundreds of small businesses flourishing and quicksilver shopping trends, the marketplace is in a state of constant flux. People are no longer passive buyers. There are a number of factors that guide their choices – preferences that often have nothing to do with the products and services they’re buying. Customers are now willing to travel a little further, wait a little longer, and pay a little extra for the stores they resonate with. They consider a store’s personality to be as important as products, convenience, and prices.

What Does This Mean For You?

Consumer trust is no longer about quality products and services. The causes you support, the stances you take, and the style with which you communicate determines the customers you attract and maintain. This explains why so many businesses have established themselves on prominent social media platforms. And that’s why you can’t afford to ignore social media. Not being on a social media platform is the easiest way for your business to be labelled “outdated” and the quickest way to fall into obscurity.

Everybody knows what the benefits of an online presence are. You increase brand awareness, expand your reach, create more leads, generate more sales, increase customer retention, and consolidate customer loyalty – amongst a host of other things. But anticipating public reactions, fostering the right environment, and cultivating the ideal personality is a process that is far from straightforward. The only sure way to achieve this delicate balance is by hiring professional social media managers to manage your channels.

Lime’s Social Media Management Services

Lime’s Social Media Managers are well versed in the ways of social media and know-how to tap into the potential that social media platforms offer your business.

  • We know what your target audience will resonate with and respond to. This helps us post relevant content that will engage them on a personal level. Compelling content plays a key role in increasing customer loyalty and retention.
  • We align current trends with your products and values. This helps you build rapport with followers. Incorporating trending topics into your posts also draws you more attention and, therefore, helps you increase brand awareness.
  • We determine when your target audience is likeliest to be online and when they’re the most responsive. This ensures that your posts receive maximum exposure and garner maximum attention.
  • We periodically gauge and analyse the response your profiles receive. Since the marketplace is dynamic, strategies constantly need to be rethought or implemented differently. Our analytical tools help us make these adjustments and calibrate your image so that it impresses your customers favourably.

There’s a reason why every site, every page, and every article on the internet displays a row of social media quick links and icons. Customer trust is hard-won and easily lost. Social Media provides you with the tools to gather, kindle, and shape that trust.

Whether you want to create brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, widen your reach, or increase sales, effective Social Media Management is vital to your cause.

Lime Virtual Studio makes the process a simple one for you. From setting up your social media accounts across all major platforms to creating compelling visual content to attract people’s attention, our Social Media packages will help your business be the star that it is.

Fill out the order form on our site and we’ll ensure that you make a favourable and unmistakable impression on the internet.

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