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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a marketing strategy that, when implemented adeptly, increases your website’s traffic naturally without you having to pay search engines to list your site at the top. The process involves analysing the parameters determined by major search engines and using these results to establish what your target audience searches for, which keywords they use, and how to draw them to your website.

The statistics below explain why most organisations invest in search engine-friendly website infrastructure:

  • Over 3.17 billion people across the world are internet-users
  • Over 3.5 billion google searches are recorded every day
  • Less than 5% of these searchers look at Google’s second page of results

Sources: Statista, Internet Live Stats, ChiTika

What does this mean for business?

In order to widen a customer base, create brand awareness, and increase sales, most businesses need to build their presence online. In order for prospective customers to find the business online, it needs to be on the first page of the search results. However, depending upon the number of competing businesses, the business may wind up on page two, ten or even five hundred – unlikely to ever be found!

An insurmountable challenge? Perhaps not.

The challenge of being on Google’s first page when people search for the products and services you offer is a significant one. But it isn’t impossible to overcome. The SEO experts at Lime Virtual Studio follow a stringent 200-point checklist that enhances your site’s visibility. With our SEO team’s dedicated efforts, you’ll find your website’s ranking improve steadily.

So why is SEO better than Pay Per Click advertising?

Unlike pay-per-click advertisements that require you to continually pay to be listed high up, optimising your site for search engines is a long-term and long-lasting strategy. Sponsored listings can temporarily disappear once your click-through rate has reached its quota for the day, or they can permanently disappear if you stop paying! But a well-optimised site can hold its position without additional effort or cost. Most importantly, according to an analysis carried out by the Neilson Corporation, 94% of people ignore sponsored websites and advertisements!

Source: https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/news/2200730/organic-vs-paid-search-results-organic-wins-94-of-time

How do we optimise your site for search engines?

When you set up your website, you need two different services:

  • A web developer who can design and create your site for you
  • An SEO expert to analyse and structure your content.

While an experienced web developer can provide you with a website that is SEO-friendly, it’s the responsibility of the search engine optimiser to improve your website’s ranking.

Here are some tasks that Lime’s SEO team will carry out for you and your company.

Keyword Research
An SEO specialist will begin by carrying out keyword analysis for your products and services. You will be provided with a list of keywords that people are most likely to use to reach your website. An in-depth analysis (which can be time and geo-specific) will also tell you how often a particular search term is used on average each month, and how many other websites are competing for the same keyword or keyphrase.

Keyword Selection
We will help you select keywords from the list that will give you an edge over your competitors. The ideal relevant keywords are those that have a HIGH SEARCH volume with a LOW RELEVANCE level amongst competing sites. However, this is an unlikely scenario in a real-world competitive environment – of course, your competitors would target the same keywords too!

So the reality is that where there is a high number of people looking for something, there shall also be a high number of websites actively working to attract these people.

Herein lies the challenge of SEO and where unscrupulous other SEO people can mislead you with their amazing claims of guaranteed first-page listings. Their misleading claims often refer to optimising your webpages for keywords of low search scores. It is relatively easy to be listed at the top for a keyword which few of your competitors are targeting. However if your competition does not consider it worthwhile targeting such words, chances are it’s not worth it for you either!!

Lime’s experienced SEO specialists care more for your business. We will help you target terms that strike a balance where you stand to gain an adequate number of leads for a realistically affordable amount of effort and time. These keywords will be the search terms for which your webpage is primed.

Page Optimisation
Search engines have predetermined parameters by which a website’s relevance is gauged. By modifying those specific ranking factors, Lime’s SEO specialist will optimise your content and descriptors so that your website finds favour with Google and other search engines.

We follow strict ‘white-hat techniques’ in optimisation without attempting to fool search engines with short-lived results.

Content Optimisation
Perhaps the most difficult task of all – Lime’s SEO specialist will insert keywords into your text so that your content both attracts a search engine’s attention, as well as reads normally to visitors.

How often have you clicked through to a website only to find that its content was poorly written, repetitive, or too wordy? Chances are the site’s writers were playing the SEO game – and losing. Poorly written content is one of the fastest ways for people to lose confidence in your business and leave your site. Not only will awkward content lead to you losing clients, but it will also affect your ranking.

Google pays attention to your visitors and demotes your site if people leave too quickly. Our web content writers have experience with adjusting content so that keywords occur naturally – your text will be as appealing to readers as it will be to search engines. We also know what areas Google looks at technically to meet the criteria of its algorithms. So our content writing expertise involves much more effort behind the scenes than just what meets the eye.

Link Building
Content relevance and onsite optimisation is a very important factor that we at Lime focus on helping you with. However, there is also another major factor that affects your website ranking – its popularity.

Google and other search engines will consider how popular your website appears to be. Popularity is determined by:

  • The amount of other relevant ‘quality’ websites that link to yours
  • The amount of traffic to your site who appear to be genuinely interested

Here’s where the employment of unscrupulous SEO providers could actually harm your website ranking. Many attempt to lure business by promising thousands of backlinks and an impressive amount of traffic. Google’s algorithms are programmed to detect suspicious sudden high increases which it would consider unnatural. There are worse consequences when the links come from irrelevant websites of poor / penalised ranking, or if website visitors come and go too quickly without browsing through your other webpages.

User Friendliness
An obvious but often overlooked factor is a well-designed, functioning website that communicates effectively. Google in particular gauges how much effort your website has put in to make your visitor’s experience easy, appropriate, useful and quick.

This is an important reason why Lime should be your chosen supplier for both Website Design AND Search Engine Optimisation, as these services actually depend on each other, and require considerations that support each other in both services.

Your Web Designers, Programmers, Writers, Marketers and SEO experts, all need to understand the criteria of each service and cannot work in isolation. Who better than Lime – your holistic one-stop-shop partner in marketing communications?

Please contact us for a quote on our SEO services to convert your website for search engine optimisation.